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    World Turned Upside Down
  1. I got the disc (lovely package, though the spine is printed upside down in relation to the majority of books and discs in the Western world) 8 days after the album's release. I wasn't terribly concerned about the delay since I torrented a perfect flac copy 5 days BEFORE the release date. But no pin came with the package, as had been advertised, and no explanation was offered. I messaged them my displeasure but... <sigh>
  2. I like the sound of Trouble in Town a lot, and while I appreciate the police harassment dialogue in it I don't like hearing it with every listen. It's very grating. So I did a couple of edits. Nothing fancy. I say that because I realise there's some boffins and wizards here. One of my edits contains just the last bit of dialogue that is mostly drowned in the music. It's actually the better one IMO because the transition at the edit isn't as jarring. If you would like to hear them and give feedback (or do it better then I have) message me for a link. Cheers
  3. My tremendous thanks for the welcome!
  4. I'm an old duffer who has only recently realised how brilliant all of Coldplay's music is, besides the massive "hits" that I've heard everywhere for the past 20 years. I'm crazy mad about them and it's a bit daunting to become a part of the fandom since there are literally MILLIONS of you who have lived with them for longer. FYI: My musical obsession for the past 31 years has been (and remains) Pet Shop Boys. They've written most of the sound of my adult life. Be well! Derek
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