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  1. Thanks a lot! Finally there's one person around here who liked my version. 😁
  2. This is my 2nd attempts in making this post. The first post just disappeared. Not sure what happened to it! Here's my piano rendition of this lovely song: If you liked this rendition, feel free to check out the attached pdf that I have transcribed. Coldplay Clocks Piano Score.pdf
  3. Great job Kacey! I really liked it. You didn't let the song lose momentum at all.
  4. I too love that song, but also for a different reason. It's one of the few Coldplay songs that sounds good with totally contrasting arrangements/styles.
  5. Had a question. I posed a piano score that I had transcribed/arranged myself to the instrumental section of the forum. It was for one of Coldplay songs. My post just disappeared! Any ideas what happened to the post?
  6. I would never upload the official original recording of a band/artist to any platform...period! That's just a terrible idea. Yes, even cover of a song can have a copyright notice for the right reason. I just don't understand why they block a cover when the proceeds from ads can simply go to the original artist/record label...etc.
  7. I'm confused a bit. So you were recording the whole thing from scratch, or you were using existing karaoke type of tracks and play your own leads on top? I've only uploaded one Coldplay song, but that's just a piano solo.
  8. Were you using a pre-recorded backing track, or you recorded the whole thing yourself?
  9. Hello everybody. I arranged/transcribed this great Coldplay song for solo piano last year. Originally I just recorded my video performance for YouTube, but later I received multiple requests and decided to write a score for it. Here's the my rendition: If you're a pianist, or know of someone who'd be interested in playing the song, feel free to download the pdf from here: https://www.leonthomasian.com/arranger You don't have to sign up or anything.
  10. Hello everybody, Just joined the forum. I'm a full time musician/pianist from Los Angeles. I've been a Coldplay fan for a while now. Aside from their great music and unique style what draws me the most is the fact that most of their songs can be easily transcribed for solo instruments such as Piano in particular. Unlike most modern bands, their songs are actually full of musical elements. Glad to be part of this community.
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