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  1. From what I read, since another company is trying to register MOTS, and sent a request to register before Coldplay, it is waiting for the other company to register the trademark or suspend it
  2. I think this can be solved if Pepperfish posts the link of the version he heard, since the only thing can find is the leaked version of GS
  3. Yeah, same, is only the leaked GS version
  4. I like your theory, but I believe in iHeartRadio Festival we will see at least one song from LP9 / MOTS, since this year's Global Citizen was canceled
  5. I think that LP9 has been in development since 2018, considering that possibly Music of the Spheres is LP9, and Music of the Spheres since 2018, the band has tried to register the Music of the Spheres trademark, but due to problems with a religious company, they could not, so for me, LP9 / Music of the Spheres will be released this year, between October or November, And as I said, the biggest proof is the Timeline
  6. I don't think so, they have never done that, what's makes you think that they are going to do it now?, They may certainly change something in their style of music, album after album, but they are faithful to their way of releasing singles and albums, the first single will be released a month or two before the album's release, and as I said if they were going to release the album in 2021, they would have ended the Everyday Life era in 2021
  7. Nope, this is how the official Timeline of Coldplay works, the year that an era ends, it is the same year that a new album is released and a new era begins
  8. I'm not going to tire of saying it, this year there will be a new album, because they ended the era of Everyday Life, if there was no new album, they would have ended the era of Everyday Life in 2021
  9. But it is strange that they have changed the moon, when the new moon arrives on July 20
  10. It's fake, at least I must say that they put a lot of effort to create a good edit
  11. Yes, it is very suspicious, even the Snippet from Legends and Heart of Fire are still on YouTube, but The Race is not, I think something is coming
  12. Fighting for the Faith 20:24, that fits
  13. I think that something will happen on that date, but some say that the full moon will arrive on August 3
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