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  1. Perez Hilton posted something nasty about this today. Called Chris "Diva".
  2. Yep, I get addicted very easily. But at the same time I can maintain enough reason to know when to take a break or stop. Smoking for instance, as soon as I started I was totally hooked but once I felt like that phase was over..I quit cold turkey.
  3. I'll pee in the shower if I really need to. No biggie to me.
  4. Your pictures are fabulous!
  5. I go to the doc tomorrow to find out the due date. I'm guessing about 5-6 weeks. This will be my third child so I've got this routine down pretty good!
  6. Thank you! I'm super excited.
  7. Nothing. I love everybody! And everybody loves me...
  8. Well for me it kind of went like this... Jan - Tough, had just quit smoking as New Year's resolution Feb - Freakin' awesome thanks to the Coldplay concert on the 27th March - Fun because it was my anniversary month and we went on a little vacation w/o the kiddos and won money at the horse races. April - Stressful and long...was ill for a while May - Pretty dull until yesterday when I found out that I am pregnant again! Yay! Rest of this year - Looks pretty good since I will be enjoying my pregnancy and getting so fat!
  9. Do you think Kurt Cobain is a legend? If not, you are in fact Tom Selleck and you vowed never to return. Liar.
  10. I live in Arkansas so the big thing here is country music. Not a lot of people are really familiar with Coldplay. The University kids are but they only really know the big radio hits (Yellow, Clocks, SOS, Talk). I don't know anyone else near me (besides my husband) who loves them like I do. When my co-workers ask who the guys on my calendar are they say "Cold who?"
  11. The state I live in and um...well, kind of obvious.
  12. Which I get plenty of from other adults in my life. My kids are babies and therefore don't fully understand respect.
  13. I'm a southern girl and I love taking care of my family. No feminist bitches in this house.
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