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  1. I quite enjoyed the AlterEgo set. I had side stage seats, so it was interesting being able to watch all the backstage setup going on. Also happy to see Coldplay was still a hit with the crowd, though not as much as Billie. And Femi's sax solo got a lot of love.
  2. Set times for AlterEgo show. Coldplay right in the middle.
  3. On the wait list again for the second Palladium show. Ugh, what must someone do to get tickets these days?
  4. Waitlisted and never got a code. At least I have AlterEgo tickets.
  5. I've been to all but one Coldplay show alone. Most of the time I meet up with members from here outside the venue, try to stalk the crew. When I went to Dallas I had three wristbands on, which sparked a lot of people seated near me asking how I got so many, which started conversations about how many shows we've been to and how long we've been fans. Just throw out a question like "Is this your first show?".
  6. I was hoping it would be the last date, what a great and iconic place to close off what could be the final show of the era. There are so many tickets still left for San Diego, so it's not like there was massive demand to drive a second show in the region. But it's the Rose Bowl, and the two shows we had last year were spectacular. Can't wait to go again!
  7. Sounds like Birds. He often says "When Will starts drumming, the hands go up" just before the song begins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuI5v8NqIJU
  8. Thank you for some common sense. I got a floor ticket near B-stage for a total of $225 + fees, a ticket that during the first leg as $179 + fees. So what justifies the hike in prices? Is the show going to be longer? More production elements added? Compare that to the massive production that the U2 360 tour was and I still don't understand the $179 price. These are shows grossing nearly $10 million each. I'm curious to know then what is the net, how much are the production costs taking out of that gross figure? Someone is is trying to create a margin, and if that margin is purely for profit the
  9. This stadium doesn't hold concerts very often, so it's hard to say what views will be like. In regards to parking, the stadium has its own trolly station for the Green line. I think the line runs until about midnight, and maybe they will add a couple extra trains for the event. Probably way cheaper than parking at the stadium.
  10. The thing is, plenty of people paid far above face value this past tour. So obviously, the demand is there and there are enough people foolish enough to pony up 5x face value.
  11. These prices are painful! I did get a seat practically next to B-stage for $251 (after fees). I guess I can live with that, will be closest I've ever been. I understand this is a massive production and one of the best live acts to see, but what justifies the price hikes? Hopefully they added more something and it's not just the promoter making a cash grab.
  12. Scored a floor seat in fan pre-sale, B6 Row 3, pretty much right next to B-stage. $251 for a single ticket is pretty steep! Looks like the fan presale was getting tickets in B3 and B6 area, Citi presale was getting mid-to-back of A6 and A3
  13. I am not ready for a ticket sale this early. San Diego is one year from now... that's insane.
  14. It finally happened. Ran into someone wearing a Coldplay shirt at work. It was a Parachutes shirt too! We chatted about the Rose Bowl show.
  15. Everglow was so beautiful. But wow, is it ever obvious he's lip syncing Clocks
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