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  1. I thought, if we could,It would be fun to share the first five cold game songs together. so that we can understand each other.My favorite five cold plays.song5. Shaking 4. Don't Panic 3. Swim by the sea 2. Full of Stars 1. Nothing is completely lost.of the Inland Revenue Ordinance thank you so great hope you will share your favorite five songs by Martin with us.
  2. I'm so angry to see this website.It is illegal and immoral. Martin doesn't want us to steal his music or hear unauthorized music. If he wants us to do what he says, he'll let us out, right?I think you stole Martin's music,It is absolutely shameful and shameful to record and distribute like this.In my time, you weren't A GENUINE FAN OF A COLD PLAY 😡😡😡
  3. In my opinion, this cold play has lost vision of their roots. I want them to make an album in favor of their first two albums.In fact, the recently released album is also good, but that's not good and complicated enough to impress my human feelings.When I heard the first two albums, I thought it was crazy. Amazed.I want to listen to a vocal album and songs that represent myself.I don't want Brian Eno and Jay Z! Both of them can leave the city! I just want to hear Martin's beautiful voice.
  4. Hello, my good friend.I'm from other countries. I'm...is a big fan of the band's icy game.Although English is not very good,But I really wants to communicate with Martin fans from all over the world. Maybe share a lyric poem about him. I especially like the album Parachutes. It was my favorite album in life.Thank you for your time.Send me a message.And I have Xbox. What is the Player tab?Thank you very much for welcoming me. I hope we are very friendly.
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