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  1. Honestly, dont love it, but i dont have to love everything and thats okay!
  2. I didnt think i liked We're On Our Way after the first few listens, but its really grown on me and perhaps it hits different with the stuff going on personally right now, but yeah, gets my approval anyways.
  3. you can change it, and i did, but they just hid it. I think what I ended up doing was selecting all on a page to highlight the hidden 'themes' option at the bottom.
  4. Slightly different snippet of higher power on tik tok via r/coldplay fyi. seems we cant link, but thats how you find it while you can and if you dont want to look for it, or missed it, honestly not massively different at all from the facebook clip andddd the thread is already deleted, but the clip is still on tik tok
  5. for some reason i dont see it, i almost wanna say due to country restriction stuff?
  6. The orignal was the facebook post? I just see ppl ripping it and hosting on other sites.
  7. Hmm, snippets are being taken down. I mean, it was through a legit source wasnt it?
  8. With the new era upon us, im sure its brought in a few new users. Actually, im not even sure younger people even know what forums and messageboards even are now that there's discord and reddit. Either way, its nice to see the forum alive and kicking and new users make their way here. Anywho, its so nice to see old names back on the forum as well. Thought we can (re)introduce ourselves. Maybe when you joined, your Coldplay history, etc Ive been using Coldplaying a very long time. Back when the forum was different, it showed users who were around and active for over 10 years a
  9. ^True Miha, I also recall they seemed serious about their touring habits in regards to the environment. Its clearly still on their minds too due to the recent social media posts. Or maybe because it was Earth Day this week!? But maybe they'll do something else totally outside the box thats earth conscious while reaching out to the fans and make them feel connected.
  10. Guessing single since im still guessing Music of the Spheres is the album title itself. So, probably this Higher Power is probably the single title?
  11. ^Damn, I got those covid travel restrictions tho. but for real, i'm in the rear of the train and i legit have a reminder on my phone hah.
  12. Ah, thats what I thought at first, but that was MX era. I thought you meant a new walking figure for this era.
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