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  1. ^also, I mean, fine, you dont want to give him more time since he isnt the biggest celeb, but dont just replay the performance he did already! But if you are going to replay the performance he did, dont have someone talk over it!
  2. Hes on now, but seems to be from the show he did already; the snippet of Yellow. edit: and they havent friggin Ellen talking over it anyways... edit2: oof, yup, thats it...
  3. Chris is on soon at 8:00 eastern which was 20 mins ago so probably any minute now!
  4. That magic number too!
  5. I work in facilities at a children's hosptial, so we're still an essential service and im still going to work. It sucks not seeing friends and coworkers in person, but we are keeping in touch virtually via videochat and playing games online. The drive to work has gone from 60 mins to 30 though, so thats a plus.
  6. Are you looking for any rolesin particular? I guess it depends on what you want the site to be in the future, but I think you can do with a writer (for the main site articles). I feel like everyone wants to be a mod, but I dont think you need 100 of them either. Ive pushed for a video/podcast for a while. Is there any appetite on your end for that? Ive also pushed for merch, how about that?
  7. Wasnt me, found a copy on reddit.
  8. Mods, feel free to move Heres the official one from Coldplay's Youtube And heres the coldplaying version which i think is the best with the screen mirrored and no text. quality is a bit lower than original, but whatever
  9. Dat Viva brought me back from hibernation yooooooo
  10. Not quite Christmas in my time zone yet, but merry christmas to all you lovely folks out in coldplayland. Im glad the new album/era came just in time for everyone to come back.
  11. jc90

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    another big piece of news direct from the band [MEDIA=twitter]1208097179132235777[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplaying/status/1208097179132235777
  12. You mean this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UHpeZVOG7g View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UHpeZVOG7g Shameless plug, I posted that audio. Has a bit more than the official video.
  13. FYI, we're doing some light investigating in my LP9 thread already, but please continue. As for 2), again, its been theorized in the LP9 thread already, but I dont buy it. I cant see how they can see that far into the future when their tour will begin, let alone end.
  14. Yeah, I need to refresh my 'most interesting poster 2015' message under my avatar! PS, vote meh for best avy/best sig 2019 : )))
  15. Hi, the new era definitely had me excited for new music, but its also nice to see the forum kicking again. One of those things about the community im looking forward to are the Coldplaying awards. We havent had one last year, so looking forward to the 2019 ones! Here's 2017's https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/coldplaying-awards-2017.111013/
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