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  1. guys, go to the link in the text file, its legit, im listening to it. but im just some guy on the internet
  2. alright kids, be careful opening up random files on the interwebs but this one is real tho lol have fun everyone, please buy the copy too when its released officially ; )
  3. I'll listen in my first full album playthrough at least XD but ive edited some tracks to play the instrumental into the next track, such as Mylo Xyloto into Hurts Like Heaven. In other words, I make it one track instead of two separate ones.
  4. Oh, number II is there, ah, just an instrumental thing anywho as I thought.
  5. I guess those appear to be short, instrumental tracks so they 'dont count'. MOTSI is just the intro they play before concerts, and I would imagine II will be very similar to I
  6. As crazy as it sounds, we all set our own bars with regards to fairness. Its all good, at the end of the day, like we've both concluded, we're not too far away from listening to our favourite band one way or the other.
  7. only a few, take some time to go back a couple pages for the link youself
  8. I dont think anyone is begging, annoying or obnoxious. Lets be realistic: people are gonna ask, but so far, this leak era has been just fine especially compared to other dumpster fires ive lived through
  9. my guess is its pretty dead on the forums and mods arent even on. I remember many years ago forums and messageboards were really jumpin', but now its twitter and discord. I used to be really sad about the death of this forum, and im glad its still around, but i just wonder how much longer we have here until we all migrate to something else.
  10. Because not everyone will buy the album, and this is literally the way they'll get it. Its not too hard to lie on the internet. We'd like to believe everyone on here and twitter and discord are fans, but its not too hard to make an account, claim fandom and get the album. Album leaks and music sharing will continue to happen until the end of time and its a tricky topic for sure. As Chris sang, 'am I part of the disease or am I a part of the cure?'. I mean, I know myself i'm buying the album at Walmart this Friday along with some more hair gel. So im gonna listen to the leaks how I can. A
  11. i mean there's a lot of ways to view this. Should they advertise they have the leak? Should they have just stayed quiet? Can we not just wait a few more hours? At the end of the day, thats what this is. Not the end of the world, you'll be hearing it at the end of the week, if not on that site in a matter of hours.
  12. at least we've heard People of the Pride in full live, but the other two are the only ones left
  13. Honestly, dont love it, but i dont have to love everything and thats okay!
  14. I didnt think i liked We're On Our Way after the first few listens, but its really grown on me and perhaps it hits different with the stuff going on personally right now, but yeah, gets my approval anyways.
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