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    That's more like it, thanks a lot!
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    Hi everyone! I joined this forum in early summer after hearing someone talking about it. I really haven't been on it much since I created my account, but I'll try to get a bit active and get to learn the ropes around here. I have experience with other online forums not related to music, so I already find navigating around here quite easy. Only thing I can't seem to find is dark mode, my retina is already frying. Anyways, my name is Rian, love Coldplay, come from Ireland, live in The Hague, The Netherlands. Perhaps some things you might want to know... I don't use emojis Only listen to Coldplay with a hint of Queen Hate rap Coldplaywise, I love pretty much all the albums, with the more recent ones sticking out at the moment, such as Everyday Life, Head Full of Dreams, Mylo Xyloto, Viva La Vida, Ghost Stories(kinda). Favourite song would be different every time you ask me, at the moment it would be Strawberry Swing or Christmas Lights. I am in a band with a couple of my friends as a guitarist. We are currently practicing Christmas Lights, I'm hoping to get it perfected by christmas. That more or less sums me up, have a nice day wherever you are.
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