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  1. Phew just read all your reactions and a bit disappointed about the snivelling little biutches that have to hate on the band. If you’re not a real fan then why are you here?? Anyways I rate MOTS an 8.8/10 which is my highest rating for a Coldplay album making it my favourite one ever after MX. I love it to bits! Only songs I can see wearing off is LSG and HH since the quieter sides of Coldplay I find a little boring but these songs in particular are actually quite nice. Humankind took my breath away what a surprise that song was!!! POTP is just epic and addictive, and Biutyful is not as cr
  2. I think there low-key is a leak but it’s really only the elites who are getting them not plebs like us!! This is great for Coldplay anyway, means that we will all hear the album at the same time relatively. I’ll be one of the first in the world being in New Zealand, less than 1.5 days to go now!!
  3. You love saying this don’t you, it’s the favourite part of your job! 😂
  4. I’ve just finished watching the How you see the World 2006 concert and while there was something quite special about the older Coldplay, I’m really glad they are where they are now. I fully support their pop inclination because Coldplay know how to put out an absolute BANGER, plus it’s earning them tremendous success (huge sales, sold out stadium shows, big name collabs, etc) Especially with the new album. Max Martin really has been the gift we needed after the stargate episode with AHFOD and the muddy mixing of MX (as much as I love this album). Pop isn’t their only direction though, they are
  5. From this teaser, it sounds like Alien choir could be a really fantastic intro or outro to Fix You for the tour. They’re still using the Midnight intro for FY as they had done on AHFOD tour though…
  6. This makes me think that Coldplay’s struggle with X&Y is partly to do with production to some extent. I can see some ambition and what they’re trying to do with the album, but the production technology of that time maybe just couldn’t get them there. Maybe with modern technology and production, X&Y can be what they really want it to be. Guy also mentioned in a Twitter Q&A that they would like to make some songs shorter too which makes sense since some songs do drag on in that album. So I would like to see how they would improve this album in the future.
  7. Great song…this is 3 epic tunes they’ve released so far. All at least a 9/10 for me, Coloratura being a 10 for pure class. Music of the Spheres may just be their best album yet since Mylo Xyloto.
  8. Yes this is legit and it is an AHFOD. Actually all the leaked demos of The Race are from AHFOD era (I have my sources on this 👀) Further to this, The Race was going to be called Kaleidoscope during AHFOD but the guesthouse poem is what made the final cut and The Race version that we’ve heard in full was scrapped. No idea about the ‘Whatever it takes’ version tho. A fan also spoke to Phil Harvey today about any updates on The Race and he had nothing to share so I guess we’ll be waiting a little while yet for its release.
  9. Hoping for 2.5 hour concerts given the number of good stadium-fit songs Coldplay have accumulated over the years + this era’s songs. update on The Race: A fan spoke to Phil Harvey about it today for the secret album release gig in NY and he pretty plainly said “nothing about it tonight my friend” so I guess it’ll be a while until we get to see this song released. Possibly in a future volume of MOTS
  10. I agree. SJLT is a BANGER and I like listening to it from time to time. My Universe will do much better than SJLT though although this ain’t about doing a cashgrab collab, they actually genuinely idolise each other, breaking down those barriers and giving BTS the honour of being on a Coldplay album. It’s probably the most wholesome collab they’ve ever done. Since Army is involved, it will no doubt smash all Coldplay records
  11. Death and All His Friends vs A Sky Full of Stars
  12. Death and all his Friends vs A Rush of Blood to the Head
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