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  1. That’s a hard one.... Talk vs A Whisper
  2. They already have done the iheart gig though. Which makes me think that the gig was going to be part of the MOTS promotion previously but the pandemic changed that. So it’s just the single and teasers were waiting on right now.
  3. Warning Sign vs Adventure of a Lifetime
  4. Viva la Vida vs A Sky Full Of Stars
  5. I found that video to be accurate until it got to MX onwards. He pretty much trashes all the newer albums and then goes on to say “Coldplay have done nothing wrong”. Smh But this shouldn’t be surprising because the creator of that video is a massive Radiohead fan so it explains it all really. To me, the true fans of Coldplay are the ones that grow and evolve with them. I know longtime fans of Coldplay who’ve been with them right from the start of their career and absolutely love their new pop based singles. For example, these same ones who loved alt rock songs like Yellow, GPASUYF and Talk now prefer songs like Orphans and SJLT. If Coldplay didn’t adapt a more poppier sound (or hasn’t explored more genres like in EL), they would become very boring in this day and age of music today. They would not be the biggest band in the world. Simple as that.
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