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  1. Everyday Life (Live) vs Up with the Birds
  2. Interesting this appears while there is a pink moon currently
  3. Absolutely! But not necessarily MX all over again, just songs that were created during that era along with new ones perhaps.
  4. I think AOAL reigns supreme over Legends. The vocals are both impressively unique and awful. Imagine the intense backlash that the band would receive if they released this as the lead single to AHFOD...
  5. ‘The Joy is Electric’ too? WOW THIS EXCITING STUFF!!!!
  6. I reckon in terms of scale it’ll be Mylo/AHFOD scale in promotion and also musically it’ll be similar but with way better production and technique.
  7. I could be you You could be me [Arabesque] vs Send your storm and your lightning to strike Me between the eyes And cry Believe in miracles [Miracles]
  8. I’m thinking about 2 - 4 new songs if I’m completely honest, this is all sounding like pre-speculation of the 2011 gigs where we all wondered if new songs were going to be played and they played like 5 or 6 new ones 😂
  9. Smoke is rising from the houses
  10. The Race wasn’t ‘released’ it was leaked. And it was also the early Ghost Stories version of it, far different to what it could be now in 2021.
  11. Hi everyone, Me and Riki thought we would revive this and post our reviews of our mixtapes. Here is my review of the mixtape entitled ‘Different Places, Different Spaces’
  12. Happy Friday to you too!!! Me and @Koleybolen were discussing today about how one of the producers for Everyday Life posted a screenshot of him playing Violet Hill at exactly 1:36 earlier this week. Is this just a coincidence?
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