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  1. @Captain Crieff.... I hadn't never heard about him.
  2. So @stephenand @I ran away are the active members of this website currently.
  3. I would like to get know the stuff of this website: moderators, administrators.
  4. Me too! Check this video from their performance in Barcelona: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14h2RKBWlVFOr3fTDvVkq-G5nEFz6dnb3/view Thanks to @GamingForeverAUS
  5. Yep. "Roadie #42 - Blog #102": https://timeline.coldplay.com/article/roadie-42-blog-102/
  6. This is another thread related to VLV Tour DVD
  7. It seems this DVD will virtually never be released. I have read the thread of the show and seemingly there was sound problems.
  8. Hi guys, Hope you're well. I was wondering if there was ever a petition from this website to Coldplay in order to release the DVD "Coldplay Live in Barcelona (2009)". On youtube, I found a video published by vandreop which states that there was a petition, but the "oracle" said: "Awww that's very sweet of fans to care so much about a DVD but there are no plans to release one and in this case a petition can't change that decision... whether 714 signatures on it or 71400!" Is this true? If so, can someone post the link of the response please. On this website, @GamingF
  9. Coldplay performed twice for iHeart in 2015: 1) 18th september, and, 2) 19th november
  10. Hi. Do you know the date of the show (i.e. day, month)?
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