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  1. Hi, Someone has created a fake account of me in a website where you can find Coldplay related material. This person used information from my facebook personal account. I suspect that this person belongs to this community. It is such a shame that these kind of things happen. I have alredy reported the fake account. If this person does the same thing in this website I am going to report him/her too. I reccommend you to stop doing this. Regards, German
  2. Could anyone post the link of this show "Coldplay - 2011.09.16 - Austin City Limits Festival, Zilker Park, Austin, Texas"? I was not able to attend to this show.
  3. Could anyone post the links of the gigs listed above please?
  4. Old threads. Material (e.g. shows) from Viva La Vida Era and Mylo Xyloto Era please!
  5. So. Are you after me? I just want to collect Coldplay's material. πŸ˜„
  6. As you said @coldplaykb what is the purpose?
  7. Hi. Thanks for your recommendation. How/Where can I find the old threads with the videos?
  8. Dear members of the fansite, I want to apologize with you because I posted many requests yesterday. My intention was not to spam. Again, I am sorry. I am going to create a thread with the list of the videos I am looking for. Regards, German
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