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  1. Me too! Check this video from their performance in Barcelona: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14h2RKBWlVFOr3fTDvVkq-G5nEFz6dnb3/view Thanks to @GamingForeverAUS
  2. Yep. "Roadie #42 - Blog #102": https://timeline.coldplay.com/article/roadie-42-blog-102/
  3. This is another thread related to VLV Tour DVD
  4. It seems this DVD will virtually never be released. I have read the thread of the show and seemingly there was sound problems.
  5. Hi guys, Hope you're well. I was wondering if there was ever a petition from this website to Coldplay in order to release the DVD "Coldplay Live in Barcelona (2009)". On youtube, I found a video published by vandreop which states that there was a petition, but the "oracle" said: "Awww that's very sweet of fans to care so much about a DVD but there are no plans to release one and in this case a petition can't change that decision... whether 714 signatures on it or 71400!" Is this true? If so, can someone post the link of the response please. On this website, @GamingF
  6. Coldplay performed twice for iHeart in 2015: 1) 18th september, and, 2) 19th november
  7. Hi. Do you know the date of the show (i.e. day, month)?
  8. World Champion 2020! ­čĺ»
  9. @claxson thanks for sharing! Could you upload audio bootlegs from CP's VLV Era (2008-2010) please?
  10. Hi @promocion2003, Why are you angry? Does this show exist in 1080i?
  11. @onlylove and @JM-42 you are not alone. Remember, this community supports you.
  12. @GamingForeverAUS your answers were very helpful. Please, response the two questions I forgot to post.
  13. You were lucky @aaronm360 On Youtube you can find the videos in good quality. It has cuts, though. I would love to see the full version, too.
  14. Coldplay performed Paradise at the end of the show. After that, Coldplay performed a full gig, though. I found this "screenshot" on the web. The resolution of the video is 640x360. It is low. Although, I think there must be a HDTV version.
  15. I have been looking for Coldplay shows for a long while, so many questions arise. I would like to begin a discussion about this topic "video bootlegs". Why do they exist? Why a limited number of people have access to them? If some people have them then why they do not share them (there are exceptions)? Why the people who have the video bootlegs create websites? Why someone who has got video bootlegs is able only to trade and not to sell their material? Why some websites that have "rare" DVDs sell their material? I hope no one gets offended by this
  16. Hi, Have you ever thought about Coldplay releasing the unpublished material from VLV Era? Could this ever happen? How much would you be able to pay for this kind of material?
  17. Does anyone have "Coldplay Live on Letterman (2011.09.20)" broadcasted by CBS?
  18. Does anyone have the two broadcasts of "Coldplay's New Year's Eve"? NJTV: WGTE TV:
  19. https://drive.google.com/file/d/137CRkGOiKV9CG5YkHSCieJCfoghK-KNL/view?usp=sharing
  20. Hi, I only have this clip, Violet Hill, from Coldplay Live at Later... With Jools Holland (2008). I hope we cand find the others. Setlist: 01. Violet Hill 02. Lovers In Japan 03. 42 04. Viva La Vida Regards, German
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