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  1. Found on Alien Radio website My Thoughts, from left to right 1 AHFOD Era 2 MX Era 3 Don't Know 4 GLASTO SHOW
  2. November in french is Novembre :). lol
  3. Setlist: 01.A Head Full of Dreams 02.Yellow 03.Paradise 04.Hymn for the Weekend 05.Fix You ( 06.Raspberry Beret (Prince cover) 07.Viva la Vida 08.Adventure of a Lifetime 09.The Scientist 10.A Sky Full of Stars 11.Up&Up
  4. Setlist: 01.A Head Full of Dreams 02.Yellow 03.Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall 04.The Scientist 05.Birds 06.Paradise B-stage: 07.Everglow 08.Magic 09.Army of One A-stage: 10.Clocks 11.Midnight 12.Charlie Brown 13.Hymn for the Weekend 14.Fix You 15."Heroes" (David Bowie cover) 16.Viva la Vida 17.Adventure of a Lifetime C-stage: 18.Kaleidoscope (extended) 19.Ink 20.Us Against the World A-stage: 21.Amazing Day 22.A Sky Full of Stars 23.Up&Up
  5. Setlist 01.A Head Full Of Dreams 02.Yellow 04.Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall 05.The Scientist 06.Birds 07.Paradise 08.Everglow 09.Princess Of China 10.Magic 11.Clocks 12.Midnight 13.Charlie Brown 14.Hymn for the weekend 15.Fix You 16.Heroes 17.Viva la vida 18.Adventure Of A Lifetime 19.Kaleidoscope 20.Ink 21.The Hardest Part 22.See You Soon 23.Amazing Day 24.A Sky Full Of Stars 25.Up & Up
  6. A week after the launch of the "Hymn For The Weekend" video, We had the opportunity to talk with Ben Mor, director of the music video and we asked him some questions about the video shoot, his relationship with the band and his work in general. - Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
 I am a commercial and music video director that lives in Los Angeles. You can check out some more of my work at these two sites: Site1 - Site2 - Tell us about HFTW. What is the story behind the video? Chris asked me to imagine a video for HFTW that takes place in India and I did just that! The son
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