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  1. We've only heard one song from the album, so I think making the decision not to buy it up to a year before the album releases is a bit of an overreaction. I didn't like Higher Power but I'm not going to disregard the rest of Music Of The Spheres because of it.
  2. Perhaps the real song was the friends we made along the way.
  3. Not a typo. It's a meme.😂 ----------------------------------- I'm going to echo earlier comments that the song is unoriginal. It's not bad (people who were on the main thread before the new 'era' started), but it's not good either. It's quite flat, with Chris' vocals being drowned out and the rest of the instruments being overshadowed by an unoriginal 80s synth, but even that isn't special, because '80s' isn't a genre - you can't make a song sound like 'the 80s', because lots of songs from that time sounded very different. The synth they used was completely generic, like a GarageBand
  4. Higher Power is definitely one of the songs ever made.
  5. I thought that Skyhook sounded a bit spacey or exploratory, and it reminded me of their upcoming (and first) game, Lawn Mowing Simulator. Up until now they have mostly made content for Train Simulator.
  6. Considering how difficult it is to be carbon-neutral (which is why most people don't bother), I very much doubt Coldplay could realistically achieve beyond carbon-neutral-ness (carbon negativity?)... Still, it'll be fun to see what they do to try.
  7. They will certainly tour again, it's effectively printing money for them. If they want to make themselves carbon-neutral, I am sure they are perfectly capable of it (although I'd rather they help rebuild peat bogs than plant trees), but even if they can't, they'll do it anyway.
  9. He looks like he's a 25 year old man trying to be hip with the kids in a skatepark in the 80s, but I think that's what he's going for. 😂
  10. I do love it when the super-rich get angry at each other.
  11. I preferred the old default theme. The theme button is also still invisible. The new one looks a bit 'PowerPoint background' for me. Perhaps just have the gradient at the top banner instead of the whole page. The new large font used for things like submitting posts is quite hard to read. The optional dark theme (which still has EL branding BTW) is also too dark, to the extend where I can't see the buttons. Personally I think the retheming should have just been the old Everyday Life/Coldplay General theme but with the rainbows or gold text replaced with pink and purple, as it was a much better
  12. This. As far as we're concerned the song could be much better than what we've heard. Perhaps it could be the next Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, which (in my opinion) is a very good thing, as that song gets pretty unstoppable by the end and gains a lot of (musical) momentum, if you will, almost like the ending of the 12" version of Temptation by New Order or the end of Station To Station by David Bowie.
  13. It looks great, but it has some problems that make some parts (like profile pages and the notifications section) unusable. Also, it appears we can no longer change the theme, which would have been quite useful at the moment.
  14. As for Bless, Sine Spe Recuperandi and Conscious Pilot, where did you find those names?
  15. More spurting of random ideas: In 2015 New Order released their album Music Complete, which inexplicably had a name you'd expect to see on a compilation album. Anyway, the year after, they released Complete Music, which was an alternate version of the album featuring extended and sometimes remixed versions of the tracks of MC. Maybe after MOTS is released, we'll get an alternate version of the album, probably called Spheres of the Music.
  16. There's a debate in the main thread about whether the next album will be called Higher Power or Music of The Spheres. Until Higher Power's (unofficial) announcement) we've assumed that MOTS will be the album name. We also know that the next single will be called Higher Power. However, Higher Power (the single) has been strangely placed in the albums section of Coldplay's website. I have some theories: We know that this is the start of a new 'era' as Coldplay have been rebranding themselves, but it is possible that until the official announcement of MOTS, they are putting Higher Power in
  17. This was just uploaded to Coldplay's Twitter. Looks like they're really promoting the album this time around!
  18. The Race leaked a few years ago, and Legends was leaked very recently. As for The Race, multiple parts were leaked at different times, but I am not aware of a complete version. The most common leaked version is the end (or start) of the song, but there are rarer sections leaked, including the bridge, the chorus(es) and one or two verses. It's practically the building blocks for the full song, and there was a 'full' version someone uploaded, but it has been taken down. I had downloaded it in time, as Coldplay seem to take down YouTube uploads of The Race very quickly - leading me to think they
  19. I wasn't aware Colin and Cuthbert were going to have cameo appearances on the new album! Maybe they'll be in the leaked track, War Of The Werther's?
  20. I think it's likely that the purple/pink gradient used so far will be part of the final album cover. As for the weird alphabet, that could be part of it as well, although they could use it like on David Bowie's Blackstar, where Bowie's name is written with different parts of stars - perhaps Coldplay could write the name of the album in the weird alphabet, and perhaps have it in proper letters underneath, like this (pretend the numbers are symbols): 89473 17 751 7830462 MUSIC OF THE SPHERES
  21. It's time to get working on the track list! Currently we think there will be a single on the 7th of May called Higher Power - the name sounds like some sort of entity or being that controls us. Interesting... Alien Radio is part of the promotion for the album, so I think it's safe to assume it's the name of one of the songs on the album. The Race (unconfirmed; a sensible guess) Alien Radio Higher Power This is presumably lyrics to one of the songs on the album; I'd say Higher Power because it is supposedly the first single. It seems a bit like a chorus, but I coul
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