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  1. Dreaming of when the morning comes
  2. 3:42... Something to do with 42, or am I missing something?
  3. 1.36 was a song by Coldplay, a from The Scientist (single), which also had I Ran Away on it. I quite liked the hevay rock style of 1.36, so hopefully it means something - but it probably doesn't.
  4. I assume that the song would have sounded similar (at least with the notes) but inevitably the lyrics would have changed over time. I'm going to assume that the photo you attached is an early version of Ghost Stories and not something you made up. It's interesting to see how the album has changed, although we might be going a bit off topic here... I can't see track 1, so I'm going to assume it's Always In My Head The Race: This could mean the song was made as early as GS but, again, kept from being released. I doubt that it was an early name for Magic. Anothers Arms: As track
  5. 'Time and space' do go with the name 'Music Of The Spheres' very well. That said, the versions of The Race we have heard sound a lot like Ghost Stories stuff, probably because that's when it's from according to what we have just found out. Perhaps The Race was meant to be on GS but Coldplay cancelled it and waited for another time to release it - like on MOTS. I think we can be 90% sure that The Race will be released on the next album, considering how Coldplay are copyright striking every video they can find of it on YouTube except for covers. The version I downloaded that I copied the ly
  6. I'm sure I recognise that from somewhere. I downloaded a mixed version of The Race that has a few more lines than the leak we already know and love, so I'll have a listen. EDIT: Yep, it's from The Race. "Any old time Any old space Only you make my heart race Only eyes (?) Only taste" "And in another time And in another space Such a beautiful face I'm so many lights (?) And I'm so many shapes (?) Over the place" "This heart is a volcano ??? In colours, I'm on fire (?)" "In all the time" and "In al
  7. As Jon Lasseter said, you never finish something, you only stop working on it.
  8. Not necessarily. Ghost Stories got its title track on an EP, and music of the Spheres doesn't seem like a name that would work with a song. I'll add it anyway though. Noted. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Race Us Against The World (updated version) UFO (new version or new song) Music Of The Spheres (title track) Is UFO a new song or updated version of the old one?
  9. The content of this post will also be added to the OP, as will any other posts I make of this nature. So with the discussion about Us Against The World on the main forum, here's a list of the songs that are likely to be on MOTS: The Race Us Against The World This list will be gradually updated over time. When the final track list is released, I'll do a comparison of the anticipated songs vs the actual track list.
  10. So with the discussion about Us Against The World on the main forum, here's a list of the songs that are likely to be on MOTS: The Race Us Against The World (updated version) UFO (possibly a new song) Music Of The Spheres (title track) This list will be gradually updated over time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So since Music Of The Spheres is pretty much as confirmed as it has ever been, I thought I'd move the discussion of the track list into its own thread. H
  11. Usually how long has it been between the trademark being accepted and the release of the album?
  12. Perhaps Coldplay could do something like Major Tom, where they revisit their character every other album, like how Bowie did in Space Oddity, Ashes To Ashes, Major Tom (arguably) and Blackstar, which is one of my favourite Bowie songs and the closest to what you described, although it is less about the journey and more about the ending. But still, the song changes massively over its 10 minute duration and goes through a number of styles (as one commenter on the music video said, "That feeling when you're dying so you decide to write a 10-minute Gregorian chant hip-hop techno-jazz rock opera.")
  13. I hope they lean more towards the 'rock' in pop-rock. Pop music is pretty poor nowadays and has been on a decline since 2010 (how WAP is so successful I'll never know), and I'd like to see something more like rock in the early 2000s and 80s. I'd like songs that are like Smile Like You Mean it and All These Things That I've Done by The Killers, Temptation (12", the best version) and Crystal by New Order, All I Want (which is actually based on Heroes by David Bowie) and All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem, 1979 and Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins, Love Is Noise by The Verve, and Tumble
  14. That something to do with Coldplay will be called Music Of The Spheres. It could be a song, but it's likely an album - or perhaps something else?
  15. It's on Spotify, in the UK at least. https://open.spotify.com/track/0kuv7BqWNDprDao3Tb5flN?si=ftpuOk5uSyOGI9dvjpwTgA
  16. Glasses of Water and Death And All His Friends were great on that. Possibly better than the studio versions.
  17. There aren't any actual clues for any song other than The Race (which we're 99% certain will be on the next album). We're just looking at recently found unreleased songs like Lethal Drug and guessing which ones are the most likely to be released on the album.
  18. So it is, I didn't see it. That's one off my checklist...
  19. Never heard of them? On what were they released?
  20. I wonder how many officially-released Coldplay songs are not on Spotify? The Jon Hopkins remix of Midnight isn't and neither is the acoustic version of Lovers in Japan. Are there any others?
  21. I'm hoping for A View From The Top, Moses, A Ghost and Lukas but that's unrealistic, and as much as I'd like actual releases of the reprises form Live 2012 that's sadly not going to happen either. What about Lethal Drug? I like that one a lot. And what about Flags? It wouldn't be the first time a Japan-only song is released worldwide.
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