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  1. Interesting what you can hear besides Johnny's Guitar on this track... Is this from the live Brits recording? If so, hearing this snippet of just a couple of high notes of Chris would mean that his singing performance isn't entirely live, but either backing track at some critical points (high notes) as this, or at least doubled by backing track
  2. any idea why it says "TBC" as album title and "SUPERNOVA" as Artist name if you open the link on amazon?
  3. Does anyone have a clue why - when opening the pre-order link für Amazon - the album title says "TBC" by "SUPERNOVA" (Artist)? (see screenshot in the attachement)
  4. How could it possibly not have been a great song - i mean, it’s the 4th (real) track (without counting Sunrise as an interlude), standing in a tradition of Scientist, Fix You, True Love, Everglow each being the 4th track and all very beautifully made.
  5. Having listened through all of the songs several times and reading through the lyrics on genius I have evidence to believe that this whole album thematically is strongly about christian faith - which CM might be rediscovering (since he seems to have roots in it from his childhood) Songs like « when i need a friend », « broken », « daddy », « church », « old friend » and « everyday life » all point into this direction lyric wise. What do you think?
  6. I think the old friend is his christian faith that he grew up with as a kid - which he / as other lyrics on the album suggest / seems to be rediscovering somehow To me, this whole album seems like a second « jesus is king » album
  7. Sitting here on the train back home listening to the album sobbing!!!! - I absolutely can’t handle this track!
  8. Comme deux gouttes d’eau on se ressemble, comme provenants de la même mer Comme deux ruisseaux qui se rassemblent pour faire les grandes rivières We ressemble like two drops of water, like beings coming from the same sea Like two brooks that join together to become large rivers
  9. This chorus might as well be in a not so good not so bad ABBA song
  10. so... as some clever guys over there in the ALIENS thread found out, ALIENS is - technically spoken - not so much a new song, as snippets of the song can be heard in a coldplay documentary released in 2009. I know this is probably way too much 'conspiratory' - but what if not only ALIENS, but also Hypnotized and All I Can Think of Is You are actually songs from older eras...? That idea came to my mind as - in my opinion - both of those songs do sound quite a lot like songs of respective past eras...)
  11. Ooommg!! I've soooo wanted something just like this! This sounds so amazing, loving it from the first listen on!! And this just sounds soo frikkin much better than all this stargate stuff
  12. Ooh my god this sont is soooooo perfect!!! Absolutely mesmerized!!! Anyone else agree with me this would have fit so perfectly in between Amazing Day and Up&Up?
  13. I like it too but this really sounds a lot just like a soundcheck jam rather than a song... so, if it is going to turn out into a song one day it is most certainly not going to be on the EP, as it sounds way too much "underdeveloped" at that stage of the EP (even if it wont be released before april)
  14. While I really like the direction they've taken with that stripped back version of the Everglow single, I must say I wasn't too much surprised by it... if you followed a bit what they were doing on tour in terms of 'variation' from the album versions, you could kind of easily see something like this coming, since it's pretty much what we saw more than once during that B-Stage section on tour / where chris was playing everglow in a similar style (i.e. without any bass and drums)
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