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  1. It's a good theory, but I don't think it's gonna happen when it comes to the MOTS launch. I have a feeling something's going to happen very soon, and at the latest I think itΒ΄s going to be March. But I believe November migth be a good month to start a tour of free places of Covid
  2. I'm not saying that they're going to release an album like "Los Unidades", in fact, Guy confirmed in an interview that they were working on a LP like Coldplay. I think that "Unsold ideas" could be a hypothetical clue.
  3. Guys, I've been thinking about the theory that LP9 will be about songs from other eras. And if Coldplay gave us a hint 2 years ago with "Los Unidades"? And if itΒ΄s an anagram for "Unsold ideas"? The anagram was a theory at that time, and if it really was for this LP and is it a project that they have been doing for a long time? Has anyone else thought of this?
  4. I think we could have some teaser in November and the album in December.
  5. Rumor that Coldplay is negotiating with Rock in Rio to play in Portugal an Brazil in 2021
  6. Yes, it's true. The font and background have changed.
  7. The setlist was: Viva la Vida Clocks Trouble in Town Adventure of a Lifetime Fix You A Sky Full of Stars They excluded Paradise and Charlie Brown. Therefore 2 songs remain. New music? The race? Any MOTS song?
  8. I don't know if guy or instagram changed it
  9. Do you think that the absence of ratino could have something to do with the launch of MOTS?
  10. Probably, it would not make much sense to make changes now and change it again if they release lp9 in a few months
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