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  1. As they are putting it, it looks like MX2. We will see when the tour will begin depending on the pandemic
  2. remember that the fftf2024 is already solved and it is parallel to MOTS
  3. new york, london, korea, now chile, it seems they are popping up on every continent, probably oceania and africa will be next
  4. Again, it says that Coldplay will perform in Rock in Rio https://blogs.oglobo.globo.com/ancelmo/post/amp/banda-britanica-coldplay-vem-ao-brasil-em-2022.html?__twitter_impression=true
  5. Guys, it's hapenning. Mysterious posters appearing in parts of the world... MOTS is imminent
  6. I don't know if I believe it, look how he wrote his name 😅🤣
  7. Our friend vinny has discovered that Chris is in south korea, are they working on a collaboration? 👀🤔🧐
  8. Will Champion will be joining DrumathonLIVE 2021 to raise awareness and funds for mental health May 15th. It looks like May is going to be a somewhat entertaining month after the guys have been out for a while. Is it a sign that we could have something next month?
  9. Coldplay will perform #LiveAtWorthyFarm on Saturday 22nd May 2021 https://t.co/YXfYcP4bWa Will they play a new song? 🤔
  10. I agree, if it was an error they would have already solved it. maybe we'll have some more clue after the grammys
  11. was this part of the coldplay website like this? 🧐🤔👀
  12. i agree i think they could release MOTS in summer and have a teaser about May
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