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  1. I totally agree! But would I be wrong to say that this snippet would be great alongside "Fly On," from GS?
  2. They must be doing something with VLV. On their front page in apple music, they replaced the main VLV album with the Prospekt's March edition.
  3. Heres what I've noticed. They released Litho's of every album, and now have released cool Shirts/Socks for each album. If Music of the Spheres is about the connection between all bodies, then this could be a nod to the album. Just another reason we know that we've got something coming.
  4. YOU GUYS WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! I found this on a trademark site. It's all filed under the band! what does "I AM" Music of the Spheres mean?
  5. This one is interesting. The post from the timeline took place in 2010. This time was the VIVA era!
  6. Fanboying here, Imagine we get a song kinda like "Space Oddity" by David bowie. The song begins with radio static and chatter as if ground control is talking to someone in space. The the beat hits and its a mixture of 80's synths and some modern tones. I could totally see Songs that take the names of planets and stellar objects. Maybe some constellations. Midnight reprise? Moving to Mars? The possibilities are endless!!!!!!! Buy your tickets to the hype train here!!!
  7. Real quick, what is the font that is used for MOS?
  8. New theory. On their official instagram, they have been posting on reels for a while. Remember when we all thought we'd see them spell out MOTS but then they didn't? Well I think MOTS is going to be a "Greatest Hits" Album. Each song posted on reels will be the albums content. They just ended with what some would argue to be their best songs. "Viva La Vida," and "Fix You" Perfect finishers for a Greatest hits album. We may be looking at a December 21st teaser and a January 13th release. The 21st because of the alignment and then the new moon of January on the 13th. Thank you for coming t
  9. Ok get this..... There is a planetary alignment on December 21st. Could we see a teaser of MOTS that day???? Come and buy your tickets to the hype train!!!
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