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  1. Shows who wears the trousers!! Not chris the big wetty! :lol:
  2. poor effort from coldplay :angry:
  3. this actuallyworks, i got my friends to register and got the ipod, maybe they do make money o fthe gimic but more than worth it for the ipod!! go to http://www.freeiPods.com/[email protected]
  4. starts off really good, then when it goes to concert bit just lacks imagination, so done beofre on so many videos great song though IMO of course
  5. seriuosly, someone must know?
  6. so basically nobody knows
  7. There are a lot more countries in the world than America!! Oasis are big in japan, australia all around the world! Oasis are reasonably well known in the states otherwise why would go and do sellout tours every album including Madison Square, and to be fair the yanks just listen to guff anyway, bit of country and western for anyone??? The stats figures show they are not bigger than at oasis peak, disregarding the download arguemant, if you go on ticket sales/concerts then its no contest. Buit everyone is misinterpreting my point, will continue to grow (U2, REM size) or have they peake
  8. Oasis Coldplay No 1 Singles (After 1st single on 3rd Album) 3 0 1st Album 2.1m 2.1m Weeks at No 1 1 1 2nd Album 4.2 2.1 Weeks at No 1 10 3 3rd Album 1.8 ? Weeks at No 1 5 2? 3rd Album also failed to b
  9. waist size, no. 1's, total album sales, ticket sales after the 3 album mark for them both, i couldnt see coldplay ever pulling off a knebworth type effort? dont get me wrong i love coldplay
  10. they dont even have a number 1 single yet! both bands have followed similar patterns, brilliant first albums almost as good second, running out of ideas third. oasis still sell out stadium tours where as coldplay still had tickets left on second day of glasgow gig, i just wonder if they will ever catch up on album sales etc, all facts my friends!
  11. Liam is the best front man for the last decade easy, he's probably says stuff to get a reaction and you are all sucked in every time! i mean he's slagging off his own brother who pretty much made him a millionaire! his interviews are always hillarious, never serious just all about banter and having fun, proper rock and roll, he's not the brightest and he knows it but id rather go down the pub with him for pint and have a laugh than go down and listen to chris martin yap on about the worlds problems
  12. the one he wears live what type / brand is it
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