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  1. I wish I could agree with you.In the end, what counts is how each album reaches each person and I believe that AHFOD has more variations in musicality and lyrics than MOTS. Apart from Coloratura, the other songs seem very simple and the same to me.
  2. I just finished listening to the new album and I only have one question: How does a band manage to produce something as beautiful, meaningful, melodic and special as "Everyday Life" and in less than 2 years release something as empty and forgettable as "Music of the Spheres"? 😐 I never thought Coldplay would be able to create a shallower album than A Head full of Dreams, but I was wrong. Anyway, I'll be here looking forward to the next album!
  3. Sometimes I feel like the guys listen to much to their producers and forget how genius they are. I heard this outsider influence in High Power. They're totally capable of doing great pop songs by themselves. I wish they could remember that.
  4. Since the preview of Higher Power came out I was afraid I wouldn't appreciate the song very much. Well, I was right. Unfortunately I think this new album will have an AHFOD vibe and AHFOD is my least favourite album by Coldplay. In the end, that's ok. The guys should do what they feel it's comfortable for them. I still love this band so much and they deserve all the happiest things in the world! Hope I can appreciate some songs of their new project in the future 🤞🏼
  5. Could Kaotica be the first sphere of the Music of the Spheres?
  6. José Norberto Flesch is famous in Brazil for his good informations about concerts. I don't think Rock in Rio is going to happen this year, but maybe Coldplay can perform in the festival in 2022? Plus... if this news is confirmed, it will be the second time Brazil spoils something about the band's new material 😂
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