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  1. As someone who loves the Mylo era, having what's possibly a continuation of its universe (lol) is so exciting!!! I mean, the Mylo Xyloto comics opened up the possibilities of more silencers existing and for someone to return... With that being said, will Silencia be one of the planets in Vol. 2? That would be a really cool easter egg
  2. I am only realizing but I think that the leaked version of My Universe starts with MOTS 2 since Chris starts singing just around the 21 second mark and 21 seconds is MOTS 2's length. It also sounds the same as the snippet in Alien Radio FM. And if My Universe album version lasts 4:45 minutes, we are missing over 40 seconds of My Universe. Maybe that is why it cuts so abruptly in the instrumental part at the end. Also, I would bet that this leak is the version for the music video. It's like what happened with HP, which included MOTS 1 in its video.
  3. That makes a lot of sense, specially with the Overtura name
  4. Oh my god, the snippets feel so crazy. Specially the one after Human Heart, that one really got me excited!! That being said, the only bad thing is that it appears to be a short album. I can count only around 9 tracks including some possible instrumentals Please let it be true
  5. I finally realized it!!! Angel Moon is the female voice from Cry Cry Cry!!! The one Chris talked about in an interview. This from Coldpedia: "The song features a female high pitched voice, which Chris said it's called Angelina, an alien singing made up character that is a "new voice in the band". In an interview to Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2, Chris said "That's more to come from that story in a bit of time", and on 97.9X WBSX's Uninterrupted Disruption track by track, he said that she is also present in another song that it has not yet been released.[2]" Wonder if she is also
  6. Probably that infinite symbol is a track like Colour Spectrum. A short track/interlude called "Infinite" or something similar, but represented with the infinite symbol in the album track list. Just like Colour Spectrum was represented by a colorful line. By the way, I am really confident with my theory of Higher Power being the album's opening track after watching the song's hashtag on twitter. I'm pretty sure that the little symbol next to the hashtag is the kaotican symbol for #1. I wonder if they will use those symbols to identify each song's track number.
  7. Having listened a few times, I would bet that this is the album opener (and if not, it is preceded by a short track like Sunrise/Church). All about it screams that this is beginning something, setting up the atmosphere for the rest of the album. Now for the song, it feels so different to me. I can hear the HLH and Birds influences on it, yet it feels so different from those two. I think is the chorus and that small synth noise on the back giving it a 'space' feeling different from X&Y, and different from the colorful Mylo Xyloto and dreamy AHFOD. Like you're on a journey through
  8. It reminds a lot to Birds, which is a favorite of mine from AHFOD. It also gives me a lot of summer vibes. I can also hear a bit of HLH at the end. If it is, it must likely have a nice instrumental bridge/part. Overall, it sounds nice Edit: The more I listen to it, the more I love it! It is just so optimistic and energetic, one of the reasons why I love Birds And MX overall. I can't wait for Friday to come!
  9. If this theory is right, I bet that station 56 (the spanish one narrated by a woman) is a reference to Orphans, since the astronaut was one himself and it is mentioned in the broadcast. By the way, I also did another translation for that station since I noticed that the one in the google drive has some mistakes (for reference, I am a spanish speaker). "So of course, he was born in Cuba in 1942, and he had a bit difficult start in life. He was an orphan and he was adopted when he was one year old. He wasn't rich, and when he was 13 he had to start looking for work. He began shining sh
  10. Hi. I am Pokegleek, and with Alien Radio incoming, I decided to join the forum formally. I am big fan of the band, and I have been following them since the MX era. I have seen them live once, and my favorite album and song are Mylo Xyloto and Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. Nice to meet you all!
  11. Alien 24 is someone counting numbers and letters. I do not know the language, but it is most likely a romance language. Wonder what is the context...
  12. Hi everyone. From Alien 11, the spanish broadcast is about a cuban astronaut. It ends with a message of nobody knowing where life will leads us. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnaldo_Tamayo_M%C3%A9ndez
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