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  1. is a very good song but it could be lead single everyone need to listen and need to take attention everyone otherwise how they make stadium tour ı just dont think its gonna be paradise or adventure of a lifetime my personal thought mylo xloto not good album paradise carry the era
  2. ı don know but ı know https://togetherband.org/products/reduced-inequalities?variant=20990994808896 this one is pretty similar
  3. Higher power is very similar with blinding lights by the weekend. I have huge expectations but ... still good song after first time hear its literally stick on my mouth ı cant stop keep singing ı still hope for album ım pretty sure will get a more song sound like old coldplay
  4. Higer power gonna be paradise 2, probably band thinking huge potential on this song like paradise so now ım thinking we’ll get single next Friday they are probably not announce album at least few more weeks maybe they will announce with second single maybe album arrive mid summer or september
  5. any one notice that they change all profile pictures but when you listen sometimes the right bottom one shows different images
  6. to be honest ı am so hype for music of the spheres since 2019 however ı really don’t want to hear until Pandemic is over millions of people suffering ı hope they not release main stuff, about leftovers ı strongly believe all of them is amazing song and ı will listen every of them probably over 200 times coldplay my favourite, ı hope end of the pandemic will get the main stuff and enjoy
  7. my personal tough on alien radio first thing the main coldplay account probably change this Friday for promotion we ll get more information about everything, secondly about music of the spheres ı still believe we ll get leftovers from the other eras ı don’t think coldplay be able to tour in next 2 years, maybe album name call alien radio or something like that if they release main stuff it is gonna be huge surprise for me
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