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  1. Humankind: "A DJ playing a star away" "From another planet, still they call us humankind" Higher Power: "You've got a higher power" "The universe is connected" "Going a million miles an hour" Biutyful: "On top of the world" My Universe: "You are my universe" "You make my world light up inside" "Come from different sides" Coloratura: > literally any of the chorus lyrics Every song has some sort of spacey atmospheric sounds, and many have alien like voices too. I think the album
  2. Absolutely incredible all around. Amazing vibes. Incredible production. Atmospheric effects were amazing. Reminded me a bit of Prospekt’s March.
  3. Hahah just played it live on the Tonight Show. Sounded incredible! This is what I’ve been waiting for!
  4. This acoustic version is SO much better than the single! Hope they play it like this live.
  5. I did, thanks!! Was a great show. Just hoping we get more of this with the full band!
  6. Interesting. Could just have an intermission or something lol I’d rather that than non-live vocals! I’d love to see Coldplay play a stripped down set without prominent backing tracks (like they did for that Instagram live but with full sound / drums etc.) where Chris doesn’t have to crazy exert himself. Maybe then he’d survive Clocks haha
  7. That’s so strange to me. Why would he lip sync Clocks? I went back and watched some videos of Clocks from the tour and I did notice that all of the little intricate syncopated vocal rhythms that are normally unique to live performances were the same in every clip I watched :/. His vocals on it weren’t even that great - totally looked like he was doing them live because they didn’t feel perfect. Bummer.
  8. It was all of the performances that he’s done so far. He actually sings the part along with himself sometimes an octave lower. It’s incredibly noticeable because it’s the same track as the album.
  9. This song seems to grow on me with each listen. Took maybe 15 listens, but I finally noticed Jonny’s guitar from about 2:30 on. So good. If only they’d turn it up in the mix, because that’s the brightest and best part of the song! Excited to hear it live just to get to hear Jonny’s part louder.
  10. Have to disagree here. Don’t think this is risky at all. This is a very mainstream sound right now.
  11. I dunno about that, different vibes for sure though. I like the energy & harmonies at the end. Wish the verses had a little more to em, but what can I say.. they shared most of the song with us already in 15 second snippets! Very excited for the album though.
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