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  1. I feel like it should be a different style. It would go along with each planet/song being a different style. I hope it comes out before the next tour but I doubt it actually will knowing their process. In the end though I would rather wait longer for better music + 2 separate albums might mean 2 more tours after this one.
  2. I thought I'd start this thread so we can all discuss and speculate Music of the Spheres Vol.2!
  3. I might've been a little bit generous on some tracks because of how hyped I was for this to come out lol
  4. I'm super excited to see how they expand on this album. I really enjoyed it! Here's what I thought of the songs let me know if you all agree or not. Song Ranking ⦵ (Music of the Spheres) 7/10 Higher Power 9/10 Humankind 9/10 *✧ (Alien Choir) 5/10 Let Somebody Go 10/10 ♡ (Human Heart) 9/10 People of the Pride 10/10 Biutyful 5/10 ❍ (Music of the Spheres II) 2/10 My Universe 6.5/10 ∞ (Infinity Sign) 7/10 Coloratura 10/10
  5. Does anyone know of any virtual listening parties for Music of the Spheres this Friday or would anyone be interested in putting one together with me?
  6. I wanted to create this topic as a way to hear your favorite 2nd tracks on a Coldplay album ranked! Here are mine to start (I'm not including Higher Power just because we don't know how it fits into the album yet) 1. In My Place 2. Magic 3. Church 3. Cemeteries of London 4. Hurts Like Heaven 5. Birds 6. What if 7. Shiver
  7. I saw on YouTube that there was a leak for "My Universe" does anyone know if it's real and if there's any more of the song leaked out there? "My Universe" Leak
  8. Does anyone know If we'll get this new single in June because I don't know how much longer I can wait! 😂
  9. Higher Power is now out and it's an amazing song that I think we all needed, but now that the hype for it is cooling down does anyone have thoughts on what the next single will be and when it will be released. I know this topic was mentions on the LP9 Rumors forum but I thought it might be useful to have a forum dedicated to just this.
  10. Does anyone know when we will get an album announcement? I heard it was going to be at the end of the summer but I think they might announce it in mid June alongside their second single.
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