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  1. I'm afraid of: failure, spiders, mice, ghosts, to lose my closest friends/family to lose Kjeld, nightmares.
  2. hmm dont know what its worse, when someone break up with u over sms or just an email saying to get lost forever .. ^wtf? :S oh...that sucks...
  3. 1) what is your fav hobby?? play tennis 2) are you a mean person?? sometimes..no i'm not:) 3) what lesson do you like at school?? France
  4. :) He said he likes it but he prefers Linkin Park ;)
  5. The same!!! I swear, I think it's stupid, foolish..aargh can't stand it :/
  6. Well I do but my parents won't allow me going to one unless it's of my friends and I'm only 14 ;)
  7. no no, no i'm not a party girl, i'm going to sleep tonight :D and you?
  8. :lol: no he's my brother :rolleyes: , ofcourse you're right :blush:
  9. :blush: aaah thank you! oh lucky me, i'm having a holiday :P i'm fine :D
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