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  1. Sorry to interrupt, but I loved the video! While watching the video the difference in pronunciation is really clear! :) I think that American English is easier for people learning English to understand, as we watch a lot of American movies and stuff. But I love the British accent, I'd love to speak like a Brit! :smug:
  2. Merci beaucoup Raphaele! :) Et btw (je ne sais pas comment le dire en français :laugh3:) je m'appelle Magda. Avoir Skype n'est pas nécessaire, je n'ai que besoin d'utiliser le français en parlant de la vie quotidienne, si tu comprends ce que je veux dire. :) Et si tu vois quelque fautes, n'hésite pas de me dire, s'il te plaît! Alors, ça va? :)
  3. Bonjour tout le monde, j'apprend le français et je voudrais améliorer mon français en écrivant ou parlant (Skype) avec quelqu'un. :D Alors, je voudrais vous demander s'il y a quelqu'un qui serait si complaisant? Moi, je parle aussi l'anglais et j'ai commencé apprendre aussi l'allemand, si quelqu'un serait intéressé. Ou si ce n'est pas problème, je voudrais parler avec vous ici. :) Merci beaucoup pour n'importe quelle réponse! :) Je serais reconnaissante pour tout. Pardonnez-moi de vous déranger. :)
  4. I sat one as well yesterday. Thank God, I passed. What was the exam about? I'm sure you did well. :)
  5. Certainly, I love Scotland! Thank God I'm still a student (not for long though). I'm also considering going around Europe by car, but that would take a lot of time! So I don't know really what to choose. :) How did you spend your holiday?
  6. Well I was there a few years ago on a school trip and I just loved the atmosphere and the whole city. Plus, we were also at Loch Ness and Inverness and that was also beautiful. It's worth visiting indeed! Anyway, how come you've never been there? The flag says you're from England (but you never know around here), so visiting Scotland should be no problem for you! :)
  7. Pretty good today, sat my last exam this semester, so I'm thinking about my summer holiday, considering going to Edinburgh for a few days. :sneaky:
  8. Oh dear, I haven't been in here for ages, and now I can't believe my eyes. :shocked2: How's everyone? :D
  9. there are tons of tutorials online ;)
  10. my first attempt of a levitation photo :)
  11. this is just amazing! did you draw it in one day? :stunned: 'cause it would take me about one month or more, plus you wouldn't even recognize whose face it should be :laugh3: this is a jewellery box I made :)
  12. Nice! But I really like this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thomiethomas/6893014178/in/photostream/ But it's a pity that the treetop at the bottom isn't in total, that would be awesome! :) My flickr account is in my signature, if you're interested. :)
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