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  1. one of the shorter ones! [ame=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=eWyz783vyM8]YouTube - Coldplay - The Hardest Part @ the SECC[/ame] It's gonna take me a while! lol
  2. much better - and also correct! lol I uploaded a video. It's actually much better quality than this but youtube has made it crap :/ [ame=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=l8se0PrI9eI]YouTube - Coldplay @ SECC 06.12.08[/ame]
  3. are we not allowed or something? :laugh3:
  4. haha! I think i made that!

  5. right... I'm gonna try my best with the setlist....the order is totally wrong! I said to myself i would take not on my phone of the setlist....but when they came on that just totally went to pot! lol Violet Hill Clocks In my place Yellow 42 Cemeteries of London (actually not sure if they played this now! lol I seem to remember it......but not sure!) Viva la vida Speed of Sound Fix you gpasuyf/talk hardest part postcards from far away green eyes (SOOOOOOO happy they played this!!) death will never conquer strawberry swing Lovers in Japan Lost! politik the scientist/ back f
  6. ha..love that word! there was a couple next to us sitting down for most of it but everyone else was up dancing and singing. Dancing in the aisles and everything....twas great!!
  7. he was changing lyrics all over the joint. It's a bit of a blur....lol He said something about being away from Tunnocks Caramel Wafers compared to this song - the hardest part lol
  8. No way! Is that from Glasgow?? Good job my friend!! I could hardly see him :(
  9. sooo I'm FUCKING shattered and should be in bed, but........ Just had to come on here :laugh3: That was just the best I've seen them! :D Such a great atmosphere. Everyone was dancing and singing, really up for it. I'm just ecstatic they played Green Eyes...I won't even begin to tell you. Have sooo many videos but have pretty much broken my friend's puter trying to upload them so I'll hold off for when I get home! Thought I'd post these tho! My seats were further back but we went down the front towards the end - no one bothered! :laugh3: Twas AWESOME! (the best I could do
  10. dear god....that'd be the best holiday ever! lol
  11. I apologise ;) Good story! What are the chances of catching them like that now?? :D So you can tell me... how does he smell? :laugh3:
  12. Saturday!!! And!! Tuesday?! :laugh3: Annoyed actually (as if I could possibly be MORE annoyed especially with the whole seating issue! :laugh3:) because I'd taken friday and monday off work, given they were meant to be on Friday and Saturday....so now I can't get time off work and am having to travel back to Glasgow on Tuesday after work...:veryangry2: BUT also have KOL on Sunday :D V excited about that!
  13. Well that's one of the few reviews I've read that actually mentions Will singing....:angry:
  14. I'm really looking forward to it but worried about my seats...I think I'm gonna have a shit view :(
  15. Kara! You were close! Didn't realise you were going to Birmingham as well! lol
  16. Dear Christ lol If ever there was an argument that Mr Champion should be resigned from the drums....I believe this is it! lol HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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