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  1. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! :D Happy New Year when it comes!
  2. ahh thank you so much! You'll never guess what happened though...when i saved the file it came up saying I already had it! haha So obvously just haven't looked hard enough for it! But thanks, that was really nice of you! :D

  3. about bloody time. I was so disappointed they didn't do a DVD for X&Y, looking forward to a new and improved tour diary! woot woo! :D
  4. thank god for VirginMedia catch up! lol I'm so tired I can't stay up and watch! :(
  5. Some of my pictures and Lost+ video :D [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4wro9HU-k8]YouTube - Coldplay - Lost+ (with Jay Z)[/ame]
  6. They're not are they? I had some tickets for Manchester as well and they were quite nice! What time is everyone going at? I'm not sure what time to go and also where to park!!
  7. Is there really? If you go and pick up a wristband can you come back later on? :laugh3:
  8. just realised it's 4 weeks on Wednesday until I see Will :D in preparation, a reminder of the last time I saw him....
  9. aw Mirrorball, my favourite song from Seldom Seen Kid :D Thanks for that
  10. Holy shit! That's awesome!! :o Where can I get one?! :laugh3: and welcome! :D
  11. omg that video made me cry :(
  12. I just wanted to say how sad I was to hear about Jen/Nettie. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few times - each time was a memorable experience! :) I think it's really fitting the online response the news of her death has received. She was very much a massive online personality but what a lot of you who had never met her may not of realised was that she had an equally 'massive' personality in real life. She was a true dedicated fan of many bands but the most important to her has always been Coldplay. The effort she put into her fan sites was amazing. The thought that the news of her death wo
  13. Kraftwerk @ The Manchester Velodrome Anyone there? Have to say it was one of the most spectacular things I've ever seen!
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