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  1. Ahh...bummer it's in October! I'm in Chicago, but have family in Hollywood (who I'm way overdue to visit). Sadly October is a terrible time for me to take off work. :-( Hopefully there's a next time!
  2. I've done the 3-day Lolla weekend a few times alone. You may initially feel a little...awkward, but most people are super friendly, and once the show starts, you'll be bouncing and singing along to the music with thousands of others, having a great time. General safety, just be sure someone knows you're going, and when you should return. OTW, just go and have a great time.
  3. Hmmm...I ordered 3 sets direct, when they first went on presale (1 with the set that included the bag and coffee mug?). Anyhow, just opened one for the first time, and my DP only has two tracks listed too. Still could've been from an additional run. Really interesting info. Wonder if there was a misprint using the 12"; I know that one has three tracks. Now I gotta hunt for the 3-track 7" misprint! :-)
  4. It's tough. The vinyl is rare-ish, but several copies come and go. Rockhouse is trying to sell one for over $100 (that's outlandish), but they usually go for $25-$50, depending on demand. The signature is going to really be up to the market too. I usually won't buy personalized signed stuff, unless it's an insanely rare item, or something I've been seeking for some time. If you wanted to go thru the pain of getting the autographs certified by an agency, it might appeal to more buyers, but it's not cheap, so it might not be worth the price to do that. I'd follow the "completed" listings on
  5. [ATTACH]6124[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6125[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6126[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]6127[/ATTACH] So, I've finally been able to start checking for duplicated, for anyone who is interested. I haven't gotten to my vinyl yet, and there might be a few more CDs to add, once I can double check some things. Nothing crazy rare on here, but a few older items. I also attached a couple thumbnails that include general pix of the items. If you're interested in anything, let me know, and I'll try to get you better photos of those items. AROBTTH - Holland numbered in perforated card sleeve (opened) #15605. CO
  6. Hmmm...not sure why? It pops up for me. Just the last one? I can try to re-u the pic as a thumbnail?
  7. Ooh! Thanks for finding that! Much appreciated.
  8. [ATTACH=full]6050[/ATTACH] Sorry...one last small batch found.
  9. Just an added quick question for everyone. Aside from a Parachutes album release (which I had found on accident), I just found the Sparks EP also had a South African release (labeled and with a variable promo code). Anyone have a good list of official or promo releases marked RSA? Thanks for any info.
  10. [ATTACH=full]6045[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6046[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6047[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6048[/ATTACH] So, I'm stuck behind with work, so I'll have to wait until later in the week to pull my big boxes for dupes (and previously requested scans), but i found a few things I'd forgotten to store properly, when rifling through a small trunk, so here are a few more pix. Most of its Mylo era, but a few older pieces I've nabbed in the past few months. I promise to try to pull my main boxes later in the week (gotta store these discs anyway).
  11. Hey there, thanks a lot! I'm open to selling any dupe's I have. There might be a blue room or a Townhouse promo, but otherwise, I think I mostly have some X&Y and Talk special releases, and maybe a few of the vinyl singles boxes; sold a ton of my really good duplicates years ago...really wish i'd've held onto all the What If's! I have to pull out the boxes again to make some scans soon (hoping for maybe Sunday), and I'll take a good gander in there for you.
  12. I know Cagamandurrio, at least in the past, has always been well intentioned, but has posted fakes occasionally, along with 100% real nice promos. I was always under the impression he was maybe not super knowledgable about the validity of some items, but he'd always pull something if told it was garbage. Haven't bought from him in awhile, so not sure if anything's changed. I'd say w/him, if you can find comparable markings or data to a photo of a legit item, you're probably good to go, but don't spend too too much; sometimes his stuff if nicely priced, sometimes not. He was always very nic
  13. You still need this done?
  14. There's probably a way to run it through a preamp then into speakers, but you'd generally quick connect to a tuner (just be sure it has a phono input). I'd say, if you just want to casually listen to LPs now and then, jump on one of those you listed. The Crosly gets decent reviews. I'm a bit put off that some complain it's mostly plastic components, it should get the job done just fine. If you're thinking long term, and heavier play, I'd consider saving for a reputable tuner with the phono input (it'll run anywhere from $150-400+ depending on what all you want on the tuner), then a hig
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