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  1. my pleasure my dear :) so glad you finally got mine, I was a bit worried ! happy 2015 everyone xx
  2. I just got my package I'm so stocked !! Thank you Hannahkp10 you're wonderful !! (sorry I can't upload a pic it's not working at the moment, will try later). Hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far :)
  3. Got my match, but there has been a mistake with the address so I hope you got my PM Santa?
  4. Count me in ! how I love this time of year :)
  5. This is the Coldplay I LOVE and that I lost during MX. This makes me wanna cry. It's an 11 for me. ahah
  6. I just got a beautiful hand crafted card by my Secret Santa Jenni (JonnyGuitarGenius), that is all I needed to cheer me up today !! I will try to post a pic later :) kiitos paljon Jenni !
  7. the card is on its way hehe !! Hope my match will like it :)
  8. Count me in ! I cannot wait :)
  9. Just got a wonderful hand-made Xmas card and Coldplay confettis in the mail today! Thank you Chloé for being my Santa this year :))
  10. Sending my card to my Santa tomorrow! Ps: loving the new Xmas layout <3
  11. Brilliant Idea !! Funny thing is, we're from the same country Chloe and me, and I used to live in her city ahah :) Sending a PM to her right away, thank you !!
  12. Is that too late to apply for Secret Santa? I've done it every year, its very important to me :/
  13. (sorry I had to cut my message it was too long -___-)

  14. I know this feeling you talk about, I come from a small town in France, I love to comeback for Christmas, even though it's not the most beautiful city, it feels comfortable & familiar, it feels like 'home'. Now that 2012 is here, Im back to searching a job ahah, and trying to be a better person (that's my 2 goals for the new year). Best wishes to you!! -Clem

  15. Hey there!! Happy New Year!! No way you're studying French? How cool is that!! Well, I've chosen to study english because I've always been interested and fascinated with that language (since Im 10 years old or so :) I've been learning english ever since!). You're lucky to attend University in the USA, because it seems that they have a lot of diversity in their options (not as in France unfortunately), I wish I could have studied music (it's my second passion!). Ohhh thats so sweet, thank your little brothers for me, would you? :) I'm so thankful for Secret Santa too because I love to get to know people from different countries with different culture :) How is Washington? I've never been there (but my bestie did ahah ^^). How is it different from Long Island?

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