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  1. Hi guys, Note: Admins, if you think this is the wrong place to post this thread, please move it to the relevant place. A lot has changed since I joined this forum! So, someone asked me what's your Treat Yoself moment especially the Batman suit (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipmbqdK15Ec Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipmbqdK15Ec ) and I thought really hard and all I want is the Viva Jacket that band members wore during that era. Now, I have been told that they don't exist anymore but if there is any kind soul that's willing to sell/make it for a price (or otherwise?) let me know! I will forever be indebted to you! Thanks, Saket
  2. Hey, weird request from an era gone by but do you happen to have (know?) how to get a replica (or original?) Viva La Vida jacket that Chris or the band members wore during that era?

  3. Guys! Please help me win tickets by registering here: prod.globalcitizen.in/account/register/?referral_code=4d42d2f5010c1c13f23492a35645d6a7 This would be just great help from the members here! Please!
  4. Their performance of Politik was amazing. The background video gave me chills Sent from my MotoG3-TE using Coldplaying mobile app
  5. Does it look like me? It is me but it's so hard to tell! haha
  6. I am literally in a blurred frame in the music video
  7. Finally, a Coldplay music video with the era flavor and the band members in it. I love the song so much.
  8. So, I used to review a lot of albums before and read like a shit ton of reviews of all bands (I even wrote for NME when they were in the “KASABIAN-IS-THE-NEXT-OASIS" phase). I genuinely think that it is a really good pop-rock album, like way better than Maroon 5 or Imagine Dragons or One Republic. One trend to notice is that publications which have started reviewing pop music seriously over the last few years have given good reviews (Rolling Stone, Q, NME or even New York Times) and for others whose reviewers must be from the rock staff will find it too hollow. Now, I'm not saying this album is perfect - far from it (the lyrics can be waaayyy better) but it's still a solid 4/5 for me. I think Coldplay have embraced pop completely in this album rather than “should we shouldn't we" phase and if there's good pop music out there in the world, it's only making that genre better. Personally, for me, nothing can eclipse rock. I'll forever be attached to arcade fire, Sigur Ros, Sufjan etc. I do think that Coldplay still have it in them to churn out amazing rock songs but they choose not to. Why? Cos I don't think they are making music for us, they are doing what they like best and have fun doing and right now, it's all Beyonce and Stargate. If this is not their last album, and they do continue after 2-3 years, I think they will keep continuing with new music and that's what will make their legacy different than U2. I would personally want a song like “One" from them but I think they will give us something more like “Army of One" (which I like too)
  9. ... There will also be random Hindi posters with song names on it.
  10. hahaha - I was lucky that I knew this sometime back. Well, the video will have some Indian festivals in it. (Kites, boats, Holi etc) - I think it should be a good video. I don't know how I feel about Chris dancing with slum kids singing "I'm feeling so high, so high" - I want to think of it as metaphorical. Also, look out for me in one of the 360 degree shots. If they are good enough, they should edit it - if they are not, I am in a Coldplay music video! Also, if they are reading this and now going to the final edit to remove me out, well.. damn it.
  11. They shot Hymn for the weekend in India. I think it should be their next single since they are using the Indian theme everywhere.
  12. The more I listen to this album, the more I like it. It's grown on me faster than Mylo Xyloto. I think it's a pretty good pop-rock album.
  13. http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/can-we-escape-the-diabolical-cliches-of-coldplay Ouch.
  14. I am very surprised that not a lot of publications have reviewed this album yet
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