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  1. This is truly very weird. I think that the promoter maybe have gone bankrupt or there is very fishy surrounding this. For me personally it will cost me a bit. I booked a flight from Sweden to Santiago for this.
  2. Hi! Yesterday Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the head and X&Y was removed from the music streaming service Spotify. Today Mylo Xyloto was removed. Have anybody heard why?
  3. Seen this? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv4eVI8Ybak]YouTube - ‪Coldplay - Back to the Future intro + MX + Hurts Like Heaven + Yellow - Live @ "Where The Action Is"‬‏[/ame]
  4. I don't know if this have been posted here. If not... http://rockfoto.nu/artists/coldplay/20110628/14714
  5. Just got back to the hotel. What an amazing gig. We, the crowd, where amazing! I have no words to describe how loud we sounded. Anyone that recorded the show?
  6. They played Life is for living. Coldplay, everything is forgotten. Everything. Can't wait for the 28th of june. Bring it.
  7. They played Life is for living. Coldplay, everything is forgotten. Everything. Can't wait for the 28th of june. Bring it.
  8. I got my 10 tickets today and I reserved the hotel. It will be a great summer!
  9. Finally! On June 28th 2011, the festival will find its new glory in Azaleadalen in Gothenburg. Coldplay is the first act to be confirmed so far. The rest of the artists will be announced within the next couple of weeks. TICKETS Tickets go on sale 7th February at 9:00 AM. Tickets can be bought from Ticnet at +46 (0)77-170 70 70 and http://www.ticnet.se. In Gothenburg, you can buy tickets at Bengans (Stigbergstorget 1) and Pusterviksbiljetter (Järntorgsgatan 12). Tickets purchased through Ticnet available for pickup at all ATG representative. Festival ticket: 950 SEK + booking fee
  10. Me and a friend are going to the Liverpool gig, it's going to be great! We are staying at the Holiday inn hotel in the city. Is there gonna be some after party somewhere?
  11. I tried, but it dialed busy. I'll call on monday. But have anyone else here gotten the same message? Or have the same problem.
  12. I managed to get two tickets to the Liverpool gig, but the thing is that I did't see the "coldplay.com-option" so I entered a ZIP code that a friend of mine living in Liverpool gave me. I entered the number to my debit card and I entered all the info needed. And all went well, I got a confirmations mail and all that. But the tickets are " 2 STANDING (LIVERPOOL RESIDENTS) at £55.00" One hour ago I got an mail from Seetickets customer service saying that I need to call them regarding my booking. Now I wonder, will I need to return my tickets? I'm worried :(
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