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  1. Haven't posted here for 5 years but I really wanted to use again
  2. Glass Of Water PLEASE. One of my favourites and from my favourite era.
  3. I would say Viva was their creative peak (along with Prospekt's March), but I love Mylo Xyloto more and more every listen, definitely an underrated album. Those are my favourite. (oh and I love Princess Of China and don't get all the hate)
  4. Very U2-ish, reminds me of All That You Can't Leave Behind album, which is a very life-affirming one. Gonna wait until the studio version cause I feel it's gonna sound a bit different, I like it at first but let's see.
  5. Prospector


    God I missed a piano/guitar driven song like this. Feels very Beatles-Oasis like.
  6. I liked at first, now I'm loving it really. Great riff and amazing bass line, Chris is not at his best here, but the rest of the band is just so well on this track.
  7. ^ She had her first hit single last year, Habits, a nice pop tune
  8. Yes I remember of Fun, nice song [video=youtube;X4egrp2Q_zI]
  9. Man, I haven't been reguraly here since like 2012 and we are STILL on this oldplay/new coldplay/AROBTTH 2 stuff?
  10. Doesn't feel like Coldplay. AAAAAND THAT'S GREAT. Like, if Chris wasn't singing this could be Daft Punk or Two Door Cinema Club, that's the first time I feel like they've released something that doesn't sound even a little bit like themselves before. My first post in ages btw
  11. It could be something like Gentleman of The Road for Mumford and Big Brother for Oasis though
  12. Maybe the companies are not for Coldplay, just owned by them for others to use it... I don't know, but it doesn't fit with the whole "last album in a while" stuff. Why to make a label to release just one album for the next 5 years or so?
  13. A Spell A Rebel Yell vs Let It Be
  14. Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul state, Brasil
  15. My dad would eventually hear Clocks when I was like 10 or something, I really started to get into the band when I saw the Violet Hill video on TV somewhere around May 2008 when I was 12-13, just after that I heard Viva La Vida on the radio and became a fan. I think I bought the album on August 2008 and heard it every single day for like six months. Still my favorite album ever after 7 years.
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