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  1. :lol: Oh sorry, whatever you want to do obviously. Whatever info you can spare about it is well received :)
  2. That is absolutely horrible, :( I feel so bad that it happened to you. Keep fighting to get your money back, because that is the least you deserve from them back after that. Yes ok sure, send me a PM :D, oh I think you already have :lol: silly me.
  3. Yeaaa Superfitz please do write a full review in here once you get back, I am insanely jealous of anyone that went to these smaller blur gigs :dead: but glad some massive blur fans got to these gigs. Heyy Nina, yes of course :) I mean in relation to your queuing question as well, I was unsure on when to get there and everything too :lol:
  4. I didnt know about the ticket situation there Nina, but I am glad someone did for you :lol: :)
  5. I had never heard Young and Lovely before, such a nice little song, what a gem! Sounded really good from the Maida vale show though, so good.
  6. You can listen to Radio2 show here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01l7r2v And the BBC6music one here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01lc7kt
  7. Eugh still need to listen to this show from Maida Vale! Cannot wait :D
  8. It should be fine, they know how long it should take to get to your house, so it will be alright I'm sure :)
  9. ^ I got an email about a ticket that I need to print off and bring with me, rather than them sending me a ticket, I don't know if it would be the same for you as well?
  10. Under The Westway is so beautiful I literally sat there listening to it crying, I dont know what is going to happen when they play it at Hyde Park then :lol:
  11. Ah yes just seen this!!! Hmmm I may have to :lol: are you? On another note, wrong thread, kind of, but in 'Last Living Souls', the Gorillaz song, that bit about halfway through the song where Damon sings with just the piano, well I just think that is one of the most glorious pieces of music from him I have ever heard :wacky:
  12. Good idea! I may have to try doing this too.
  13. Oooh I wonder if these are the kind of look we are going to get on the artwork for the vinyl?
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