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  1. Random, but for those of you who have seen "The Hangover"...doesn't the guy who plays Doug (the groom who gets lost in the film) look a LOT like Guy??
  2. Oh god, I feel badly for everyone who are making travel plans from afar to see them. :( I hope whoever is sick feels better.....
  3. hmmm, not unhealthy, but he's very thin. if he lost anymore weight, he'd be bordorline anorexic-looking! :( offtopic, but i'm sad the show is over. i hate this post-depression type feeling after a show...do you guys get this feeling too?
  4. okay so i will get around to posting some pictures from last night's show. i was right in front of guy in the pit. and i must say...he is SUPER SUPER skinny! my god! he needs to eat a couple big macs, lol. but he is very very good looking in person!
  5. Alright everyone. I'm about to leave... gotta get my car fixed and then I'm on my way! I'll be there right @ 4! I hope I see some of y'all there :)
  6. Ok, I'm still a bit confused about the Fast Lane pass. I don't know if I need to get one or not because the whole point of getting one is being able to go through the gates first, right? Well, I plan to get there right @ 4pm when parking becomes available. So if I'm one of the first in line, doesn't it defeat the purpose? Unless they open another door earlier than 5:30...can someone give me some advice? I'd really like to be upfront :) Also, is parking free? I read that the parking fee is included in the ticket, but I could have read wrong....thanks
  7. Thanks gals! I'll need all the luck I can get! :) I'm gonna try my hardest
  8. Hey girls! I'm going to the Charlotte show on Friday (2 more days!) and I have a pit ticket...you best bet I am going to get in front of Guy...hopefully I can come back with lots of good pictures! :) Wish me luck
  9. I will definitely say hello. :) I want a spot on the right side, b/c I want to be directly in front of Guy! ;) And yes, we should DEFINITELY work together as a team to save each other's spots, lol. I was just thinking to myself, there is no way I am going to be able to NOT go to the bathroom for several hours! See ya Friday!
  10. I am now attending this show! I'm driving from Atlanta...I'm probably going to get there really early, b/c I have a PIT ticket, and want to be in the front row... Will anybody be in line around 2:30-3pm?
  11. I'm really shocked and humbled by the news. I hope this is a reminder to everyone of how quickly life can be taken away from you.
  12. Oooo, I like I like. Haha, Guy is so drunk his upper body is RED. Who is the girl? She's friggin lucky lucky
  13. totally agree here. she's petite, and she just had a kid. can we give the woman a break? she's tiny. and like previously stated, she's NATURALLY beautiful, which is a breathe of fresh air. i know for me, i have to have makeup on before i leave the house. so jo definitely has the one up on me there. i hope this doesn't come off the wrong way, but i really hope Guy chooses his next lady like this; it'd be a disapointment to see his next lady be a superficial-type beauty. i hope that doesn't sound bad, but i'm sure you girls know what i mean!
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