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  1. Happy Easter :D

  2. :o It was sold out though, wasn't it? Wonder why it was cancelled....(if it was that is)
  3. I'll be in Nice on this date and was thinking of going - shocked at how many tickets are left though. :o
  4. Oooh ouch. I think Chris will always stuggle live with Paradise.
  5. That shot of Times Square....when did Coldplay become a boyband?! :uhoh:
  6. Mimixxx

    NME Awards

    Chris and Jonny :P
  7. Morning :D [megawhinealert] THAT PIC COLDPLAY POSTED MADE ME SO JEALOUS I WANT TO BE IN NYC TOO!!! :bigcry: [/megawhineoff] :P
  8. If you look at the time in the corner though it says 4.16. It's even further behind.
  9. Yes, but that stream is obviously from somewhere in central America which is 1 hour behind eastern. :)
  10. That stream just said it's 5.53am, so it's actually over an hour until it starts if you're watching it on there (2 hours for CP)
  11. Yes...because they were mingling, talking to other people. That's what people do at parties. You don't just sit and talk to your wife/partner all night :)
  12. Actually that's Chris she's sitting with there...you can see it's the back of his head in this photo:
  13. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_6fCXmQG-0]Oscars: Robert Downey Jr teases co-presenter Gwyneth Paltrow - YouTube[/ame]
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