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  1. Good news: I recorded the entire show :D Bad news: i used my iphone to do it. Im gonna listen to the recording tomorrow. if its good il edit upload and tag within the upcoming week.
  2. Swapped. Thanks for the correction. I only heard both tracks for the first time yesterday. I knew the words(and was the only one in my area singing along) but not the titles lol.
  3. [edit] Heres the setlist in a legible format. Good mix of old and new songs. God put a smile was mindblowingly orgasmix! Loved the intro to it. Hurts like heaven Yellow In my place major minus Paradise Lost Violet hill God pull a smile The scientist us against the world Shiver("Acoustic") Til kingdom come feat. a mexican fone wave Politik Viva la vida charlie brown Life is for living -Encore- Clocks Rehab/Fix you Every tear drop is a waterfall Thanks to Rosaudio for the correction
  4. Its not often that big artist comes to South Africa, so when they do its usually a huge event. Nothing has been published about the streaming of the concert. If it was being streamed it surely would have been posted on the interweb cos it would be a first for SA!
  5. Awesome band.been listening to the new album ever since it was released on download.They're definitely a band to look out for.Peacefull the world lets me down should be on next years mercury nomination list
  6. Translated Song Titles: # Gobbledigook 路 Gobbledigook # Inn铆 m茅r syngur vitleysingur = within me a lunatic sings # g贸冒an daginn = literally means "Good Day" # vi冒 spilum endalaust = "We play endlessly" # festival 路 festival # su冒 铆 eyrum = "buzz in our ears" though "sud" literally translates into sound # 脕ra b谩tur = Row boat # Illgresi = Weeds # flj贸tav铆k = a place in iceland # straumnes = a mountain near fljotavik I think those are all right ;)
  7. Finally! Someone else who has seen the light. The album will go on to sell millions as all their albums do blah blah blah but from a creative perspective they could have done better
  8. Here's the rip: http://xirror.com/spread/94943576/6048.flv.html Warning:Its 97mb big!
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