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  1. What a fantastic day,we got their at 09:15 to find 5 people in front of us in the queue at the K entrance and prepared ourselves for a long and very hot wait,I have to say say that the queue line was a complete joke and people where queueing everywhere in no order ,something that the Ethiad wants to sort out for future gigs.Anyway we managed to get right to the front on guy's side. It was a fantastic show Coldplay where on top form,the lighting was as good if not better than any of the gigs that I've been to over my many years of concert going and the crowd from what I can tell really got int
  2. What time is everbody getting to the stadium tomorrow?
  3. j Have a great day,I'm going tomorrow with my 15 year old daughter who'll be experiencing her first standing show,we also went to the MEN show and loved it,she wants to get to the Ethiad as early as possible so we can get to the front:dance:
  4. Whoops what about Chinese sleep chant
  5. White shadows,Pour me,I ran way
  6. Is there still going to be an orange and blue side as the Wembley shows aren't having a split anymore?
  7. Great news:dance: who did you get your tickets with?
  8. Just got two tickets for the 5th on the blue side:bliss::dance:
  9. I've been thinking about this and it wasn't the Beatles it was a rap song.one which I cant remember!
  10. Thought I'd got two off a seller on avforums at face value but seller would only use google wallet or a bank transfer,I said i would only pay using paypal but seller wouldn't budge stating that he couldn't retrieve his paypal log in info,this all sounded a bit dodgy to me,cue a very upset daughter:bigcry:
  11. Has anybody got two standing tickets for either Manchester show,I cant afford the stupid prices on the so called legitimate ticket sites and I'm desperate to take my youngest daughter who is now as big a Coldplay lover as me.
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