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  1. X&Y is an incredible album. A balanced adventure between space and humanity lyrics, that “acoustic” thing (from early Coldplay), and synth/pads with exquisite presence. And the first with an alphabet in it. But even that, there is an interview (that I can’t find it again now) when Chris confessed that is their worst album, not because of the songs, but because it was “bad recorded”. For me it’s a masterpiece. A particular contradiction, is that Twisted Logic was never performed live. In a performance of Chris with talented kids doing this song, Chris said that they never figured
  2. Well, I remember when this thread started with lot of theories about MOTS. Even I shared a NASA-centric theory. Nothing more wrong! 😀 Approaching to Release Date (and eventually the end of this thread), just to share my happiness with all of you. What a luck that our favorite band still creates chord for us. And what a luck that us, in this space, from different parts of the world, different ages or ethnics, was united around it! Diversify is the key of the world. Having said that, and having finished to listen MOTS, this album is the demonstration of the brave spirit in Coldplay for t
  3. Yep… in a way, it’s like an infantile behavior (“look my new ball but I will play alone”). I know MOTS won’t be my favorite album (I was in that first Coldplay concert at 1998 and since then I follow them), but Coldplay is about partnerhood. It’s beyond music, for me.
  4. Man, this is BEAUTIFUL!! This is the Coldplay I love. Versión with piano, acoustic guitar and heart. Great! Works with any Australian VPN in iPhone. You won’t regret it!
  5. Yes, and I made the comparison using software. They are 97,8% identical. But (I’m a musician that plays a lot with harmonics), there is a potencial explanation. The (extensive) vocoder used in HH only let out the processed voice and a minimal fraction of the origin voice (instead of Midnight where the ratio is different. Eventually 75% vocoder and 25% dry real voice, so it sound different live always). In HH I bet for a 95% vocoder and a 3-5% dry real voice. So, sadly, it always sounds the same, in particular with an acapella song (with instruments could be different, but lets be honest,
  6. Wow, it’s quite identical. At this point, beyond musical taste, I really need the whole production/album in order to see what real level of creativity is involved here. Not only related to others, but also related to Coldplay itself (about previous releases).
  7. And change all alien radio website aesthetic, change the Kaotican language?. It “sounds” like Coldplay… but I don’t know.. time will say, but I don’t think is Coldplay promo.
  8. An important proportion of Coldplay songs are based on looper concepts. I’m convinced that JB and CM do plenty of phrases live (on guitar mainly, but also in Piano, like Magic) that remains in background later during the song. Will’s acoustic guitar in ETIAW is other example.
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