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  1. I'm late, but hb man. i don't know how you do it.. visiting this forum still so often :D ph and ah ah ah yeah, love your avatar and signature!
  2. maybe it was that I saw Hitler quite often while watching, too
  3. Wings of Desire (Wim Wenders, 1987) Disappointed with this one, my concentration during this wasn't too good though. Columbo was muy bueno, Nick Cave and Rowland S. Howard too, but this was still kinda too artsy in the way that i don't like artsy. Kinda forced I could say. From the two Wenders films I've seen, Paris, Texas wins this one by a clear mile. Maybe few. Angels make me suspicious, too. i'll give this one 5,8/10
  4. hi! I'm Ella. Any old ones hang around? how's the board nowadays? i think it's been a year since I actively posted here. Possibly more. maybe i'm back now, don't know yet. I haven't really listened to coldplay in years. yet, here i am still. In the lounge. if people who remember me want to say hi, that would be lovely. Maybe you've changed your nicks and all o, and hi greg!
  5. hello. did I recently post here. I don't remember, my head's been like that lately.
  6. what do you mean, sir! In that photo they are particularly yellowy.
  7. rye bread, citron flavoured soda water, milk, shower gel, body lotion and turkey cold cuts.
  8. Fish Called Wanda. It's been years since I saw it. STill good. 6,5/10
  9. on't you find it super annoying when you find a super amazing guy who you'd be more than willing to date, and oddly enough they seem to like you too, and you realize that possibly the only thing stopping it is your own self-doubt?
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