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  1. I can try to do the singing. I recorded a cover a while back and some people seemed to like it. Here's a sample of when Viva La Vida had those teaser songs when you moved your mouse over the glass ... this is the small part of Poppy Fields. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV84mglHyrQ]Prospekt's March Cover - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Wow thanks so much. I never hear that compliment to be honest. I've always been the victim of the saying, "Hey Eric, you are pretty good at guitar ... all you gotta do is find a singer and you'll have a band. You should start one." So I always shied away from singing. Thanks again for such a nice compliment. :)
  3. Well, I kinda did this wrong. I totally forgot the album was coming out, so I went ahead and did a cover of Prospekt's March ... well, technically the Poppy Fields part. Then lo-and-behold the Spanish site had all of the songs and it had the full version, so the version you're hearing is just from what I could get from the little snippet they posted. Sometime I'll do the full cover. Also, I didn't use a capo ... I didn't notice this until someone posted the soundcheck and Chris had a capo ... but I tried my best. Anyways, hope you guys like it and try not to be too harsh ;) P.s. I ha
  4. It's probably not so much that they use alternate tunings ... it's that they use really interesting chords. I came to that conclusion when I watched the soundcheck for Prospekt's March/Poppy Fields ... he just had a capo way up on the fret ... like 7th fret or something (video is a little blurry). That explains how he had that really bright sound to it. I figured it was a tuning similar to "See You Soon," because it had a lot of ringing notes in it.
  5. Yeah I gotta agree with you on that one ... it seems the whole album has a certain tuning. There's no way that "Yes" is in standard tuning. Coldplay is known for having those elusive tunings. What I wonder, is how they come up with them? Even the new "Prospekt's March/Poppy Fields" track sounds like they are either using some very interesting chords, or using an alternate tuning. Anyone have any insight on this? Namely Kapone or Stephanbass?
  6. Damn once again my mistake, you wanted the bass tab. Sorry about that.
  7. K here goes: (Life in Technicolor) Intro riff: E------------------0------------------------2--2--0------- B-------------2--------------------------------------------- G--2--4--2-----------2---2----4---2-----------------2--- D------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------ E-------------------0--------------------4---4---0---0------ B--------------2---------------------------------------------- G--2--4--2-------------2---2--4--2-----------
  8. Here's a link for the lost chords: http://www.ittakes2.ca/chords.cfm Enjoy :)
  9. I can give it a shot if you want.
  10. It's amazing how tight they are as a band ... starting to play again at the drop of a hat ... amazing.
  11. Wow this song reminds me of living in an apartment in a different city ... good times there. So nice to hear this.
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