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  1. I look forward to this every year, and usually a sign up has been established by now. Is it happening this year? I hope so! Might've just missed it somehow?
  2. Sorely missing Noel, although Chris and Jonny's Don't Look Back In Anger was perfect. But Liam there is EPIC :grinning:
  3. Aw my gosh, this is making me so emotional. This is such a beautiful expression of humanity we get to see. There is always so much light whenever even a little bit of darkness gets through. :broken_heart::heart: Music is a language we all speak, and this is just such a powerful, uplifting message this concert is sending out today.
  4. Just speculation, but it'd be amazing if Noel was there to play guitar on Up&UP (which honestly would be a really appropriate song to play today anyway).
  5. I think ABC is airing an hour long highlights special at 10pm tonight, after the basketball game. They're playing the entire concert on their sister channel FreeForm, if you get that. Probably easiest to just watch online though :yum
  6. I haven't received anything yet either, but I'm still glad my package reached its destination alright. That's always a gift in itself :yum And I had a very nice Christmas. I hope all of you did too! This is such a wonderful group of people here, and it's nice to get to share in everyone's Christmas celebrations :blush:
  7. I am so sorry for never posting about it, but yes, I did receive it! The thing is, I had to have a big, big surgery at the start of the year, and so I was out of town and in hospital for most of January and part of February. I was thrilled to come home in February and have your package to open! It was a fantastic pick-me-up. :blush: But I was still awfully woozy and not feeling so well during the long recovery, and so never made a post about it. And then by time I thought to do it, it seemed late and silly to do. :yum But yes I did get it, and a very belated thank you for it!
  8. Oh good, I'm glad you got it! Silly tracking. It's still telling me the package is in transit. :rolleyes: However I'm so sorry to hear about all the stress you must be under right now! That's a long time to be with someone and then break up, and an especially unkind time of year for it too. I hope for lots of good things to come your way in the fresh new year ahead. People here are right; I do think time heals most things, but that's probably not so helpful right now. You have a lot of people all over the world thinking happy thoughts for you though. :blush: I did see that you sent your secret santa a journal also, haha. I was thinking that was funny. I'm always scribbling in one and assume other people must like to also. :yum I'm sorry for not much actual Coldplay items this year and last. I haven't been able to go to a show or anything in quite a while, so I don't have much to send off. But it's sort of fun trying to find things relevant to them just "out in the wild" haha. Anyway, I hope you have a very merry Christmas! Thanks for the sweet post. :blush:
  9. I sent my little package off three weeks ago, and I do have tracking on it, and it says it's still in transit. :oops: The post office said it'd be delivered within 8 to 10 days. Just hoping it arrives before Christmas now. I've been checking my mail with anticipation for something to arrive for me too. :yum Secret Santa is really building the suspense this year! hehe I've been so enjoying seeing everyone's packages though! Everyone is so thoughtful and creative! It's another present to us all to get to witness the love going around the world through this. My Christmas wouldn't be right without it now. :yum Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. Sent mine off Friday! (December 1st seemed like the right time to do it.) Should arrive in about a week and a half hopefully. I did take pictures this year too (what a good idea). Happy Christmastime everyone! M.
  11. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped recommend ways to watch outside the UK! I think I've got something working well. Feels a little scary having to be sneaky to get it to work, but it's also a little unfair the iPlayer doesn't work internationally online I think. So anyway, thanks again!
  12. Do you have any recommendations on using a VPN? I was reading something about "Expat Shield" but not sure. It'd be great to be able to view BBC iPlayer content in general. Wish they would just let people outside the UK to subscribe, but anyway. Thanks :blush:
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