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  1. hey , you're from Belgium ? Dutch or French?

  2. God

    board awards

    i think i should win a prize for not posting
  3. God

    Sexy or not?

    i think the glasses are very endearing
  4. God

    Sexy or not?

    rrrarr, of course he is
  5. coldengrey, who is the guy in your av? :stunned:
  6. God

    psycho analysis

    okay, well, time for results! this is what the game means: *your fave animal shows how you are or how you see yourself *your second fave animal shows what you want in a partner *your fave drink shows your views on sex :)
  7. God


    nah, i've not spoken to him yet. someone find jacob for me! is jacob some fame academy guru person then?
  8. God

    Donnie Darko

    ooooooooooohh!!!!! this thread is making me so excited!!!! donnie darko is an incredible film with an incredible soundtrack. i could watch it over and over again. i had to watch it about three times to start picking up things i'd missed before. at the moment i'm reading thus spoke zarathustra and about nietzche's superhero theory and loving it and from reading your conversation i really need to get my hands on a copy of crime and punishment. ooooohh also jake gyllenhall is very VERY yummy.
  9. God


    yeah, go alex! i think she's amazing
  10. God

    psycho analysis

    *Your fave animal, and 3 reasons why you like it *Your second fave animal , and 3 reasons why you like it *Your fave drink, and 3 reasons why you like it IF SOMEONE HAS PLAYED BEFORE, DON'T SPOIL THE FUN!!! hmm.. sorry i'm bored.
  11. God


    okay then.. jacob?
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