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  1. Hey there Carole, well, I never saw this coming, but apparently my msn has been hacked into.........at least thats what I think happened. Anyway, send me your e-mail address and I'll add you if/when I get a new e-mail started!

  2. Soundgarden. Chris Cornell NEEDS his old band and style and sound back.
  3. Everything up til the end of Melon Collie is awesome. Gish is by far their best album.
  4. The funny thing is that the unreleased album MACHINA II is better than the released album MACHINA: The Machines Of God...... but then again, also is Playing With Fire by K-Fed.
  5. yea man, Parachutes is great. In fact, all of Pearl Jam by Pearl Jam is great. Ten is a good place to start if you're getting into Pearl Jam too. And also, if you dig Pearl Jam... you may like Soundgarden too. Check out the cd Superunknown by them.
  6. This documentary follows a film-maker named Mark Borchardt, and his friend Mike Schank, as they struggle to make an independent movie. It is funny as hell. Just wondering if anyone else has seen it? Or knows whatever happened to these two guys.
  7. I concur. Ten is an awesome cd but The Avacado Album is by far their best. Binaural is also very good. And yes, Lost Dogs is a great collection. It's really great to see Pearl Jam just rocking out and having a good time on the B-sides. It is like listening to Pearl Jam as what the band really is like, as opposed to all the edited and serious stuff they have on their albums. Especially when it comes to the Riot Act b-sides like Down and Undone. That being said, Hard To Imagine is the best Pearl Jam song ever.
  8. My goal this summer is to try and finish the Tommyknockers by Stephen King, without skipping through pages of useless character backstories.
  9. Dashboard Confessional / U2, Sleater-Kinney/Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket/Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell, Matthew Good, Bruce Springsteen, The Verve, Gordon Lightfoot, Queens of the Stone Age. to come: Matthew Good, John Mayer, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Oasis
  10. They are pretty much Canada's answer to the Foo Fighters.
  11. Sometimes I gotta call into question the stylistic decisions of those guys. Not Chris though, Chris always knows what looks good.hahaha
  12. Its funny how Stone went from being such a pure rocker in style, to looking like a relative of Bill Gates. hahah
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