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  1. Every time I see people talking about “The Race” I remember when we couldn’t stop talking about “Car kids” 😆. If you know, then you’ve been on this sub for awhile…
  2. You should’ve been here when Mylo Xyloto was leaked.. good times. But this is the most excitement I’ve seen in some time
  3. Ok after nearly 5 months.. I think I'm ready to give a full review. I am not a "newplayer". But I wouldn't call myself an "oldplayer" either. I am not a music professional nor do I understand all the elements that go into music composition or production. I do however have a great music appreciation. I listen to music with my heart and Coldplay have always spoke to my heart. I wholeheartedly understand when people criticize this album for being, among other things, overly/poorly produced, lyrically weak, too mainstream/generic pop. I do not understand when they say it's soulless or heartless. I
  4. Woah just listened to it again on really good speakers and there is a very good chance Chris is also screaming along with the guitar(kinda like the end of ink.. Only way better lol) Interesting!
  5. Setlist fm says they played spies!!?? I don't believe it. Can anyone confirm this? Edit: false alarm.. Someone's just messing with me lol
  6. I could not disagree more.. If anything newer Coldplay songs are probably TOO layered for those that prefer the more organic, warm feel(my wife among those lol. Just glad she liked AHFOD). Not trying to start anything here, just my opinion. Lyrically I do agree that earlier work was definitely closer to masterpiece level then the common radio level they find themselves at now, in terms of lyrics.
  7. While I love all Coldplay albums, I can definitely see what your saying. I think that's one of the reasons they're production has become more, for lack of a better word "sugary" over the last few albums. Perhaps he should take a page from a band called the helio sequence, the singer damaged his vocal chords and had to relearn how to sing. This changed his entire singing style but led to an amazing evolution in sound. Maybe we should tell Chris he doesn't have to cover up his voice so much with production, and instead he could learn to sing different while still keeping the "Coldplay" sound. Ju
  8. I'll be there with my wife!! Have you seen them live before??
  9. [ATTACH=full]3773[/ATTACH] Don't know if I got good seats, just happy we're going!! From the looks of the visual tour I'm a lot closer then the time I went to see Cowboys on thanksgiving so that's great!
  10. Got mine for Arlington!! First show since viva tour, and first show with my wife, we missed the mylo tour and we were not going to miss this one!!
  11. Curious as to what oldplayers think of the rest of the bands current progression and or regression? Most criticism of newplay songs seems to be directed at, in no particular order, weak or empty lyrics, poor production choices, boring or repetitive song/chord progressions or structure, and lack of defining or memorable melodies( disclaimer: these are NOT my beliefs, just what I've seen here). Most of these things I think could be blamed on the frontman and lead songwriter, aka Chris Martin.. So my question to you guys and gals is, do you think musically speaking the rest of the band has done a
  12. Army of one Saying my heart is my gun, army of one
Yeah my heart is my gun, army of one
It's my only weapon, army of one
Yeah my heart is my gun, army of one Hurts like heaven Oh you use your heart as a weapon
And it hurts like heaven
  13. Oh don't get me wrong, there are some great songs since MX, in fact I like the last 3 albums very much. But even the examples you gave our, similar.. But different. I don't know how to explain it, but I doubt they'll ever capture the same magic from the older albums. I think the best oldplayers could hope for would be that they capture a whole new kind of magic that isn't pop produced or sugar coated. Maybe something electronic or pop rock but not so mainstream. Or maybe an album of unreleased gems from the past (very very very unlikely). But my music library is safe with all my favorite music
  14. Although I do not consider myself an oldplayer.. I do sorely wish for an album that's as warm and intimate as parachutes.. It feels like a warm blanket on a cold winter night. Not to mention the instrumentation was simple, inspired and profound. Very minimalistic in the best possible way. Even if it's just a short ep, I would die for that sound again. That said I enjoy their newer albums for what they are, but nothing has come close to parachutes and viva for me
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