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  1. Can someone please reupload the The One I Love and Yellow tracks from the Cd sold on ebay? The download links are down.
  2. Try this code AHFODFYzEfvRYGb

  3. Yes, download the real file if you want but dont judge by the preview. Still a good audio DAC gives better results
  4. The problem with the preview is that it is just a downsampled stream. To play a 24bit 192khz audio file you need a High Res audio player or Sound Card, wich almost none of the common portable players or cellphones have.
  5. I just saw that HDtracks released almost all the albums from Coldplay in High-Resolution, for audiophiles and Coldplay fans this is the best thing ever. http://www.hdtracks.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=coldplay
  6. how did you make it? is there any chance to send me a link to hear it?
  7. actually nobody sells them you can find them on the internet, they are upmixes made by fans, the same quality but surround
  8. i have all the cds from coldplay in 5.1 but they are upmixes, the same quality but someone split it into different channels to make it sound like surround, then i have some tracks of coldplay in 5.1 made from some multitracks songs and also a 5.1 dvda of parachutes made from a vinyl(really good). Coldplay is not too much into hd music that why most of the hq music you will find on the internet from coldplay will be made by fans, so having coldplay released Ghost stories in 24bit is a miracle
  9. its the amount of samples that you get from the file, so you get better sound quality and more frequencies, i have listened to 24 bit music and you can hear the difference between a regular mp3 or flac (16bit) and 24bit music files. HDTRACKS is a webpage that sells hd music and its very well known for what they do, i think they get the master tapes and reencode them to get the maximun quality of those tapes, since in normal cds the music companies have to resize the quality to make a full album to fit in a cd-r. about the files, the quality is the same but the format is different so you can play these files in different music players, as an example itunes doesnt play flac files but they play alac files.
  10. i have no idea where they got it from , bus this webpage is well known from obtaining studio masters and selling the records on the internet
  11. Today i found that HDTRACKS is selling the new album in 24bit, is this Coldplay now moving to HD Music? Hope that AROBTTH could some day be released as a 5.1 sacd or dvda http://www.hdtracks.com/coldplay-ghost-stories
  12. T4f chile yesterday posted on twitter that today was going to be a huge announcement so maybe the announcement on the news about coldplay in chile was the huge new
  13. http://www.coldplay.cl/2012/11/coldplay-anuncia-su-segunda-visita-chile.html
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