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  1. well yes but i figured anyone near the NY area would wanna gt a good spot on his doorstep and wait for him haha
  2. heya everyoneeeee. so ive been away from the forums for about two weeks (TORTURE, absolute TORTURE) so i just need to know... have any of you camped out outside Jonny's new apt yet? :laugh3:
  3. AHHHHH omg ive been gone for so long... im so happy to come back to such AWESOME news. cant believe that LIT ii has been debuted live, PLUS green eyes!!! youre a lucky bunch, y'all are... and did i see someone say they played Trouble the other night?!
  4. GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! so i was gonna finish catching up on all the pages but i cant handle it anymore... i need to freak out first.... PRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU TOUCHED GUY!!!!!!! GUY STARED AT YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Jonny.... i can totally see anyone being completely dumbfounded by his smile ^_^ dont blame you a bit for not remembering what he asked!!! and poor Chrissyyyyyy all sick =[ but good of him to do the meet & greet anyway... he couldve very easily said he wanted to rest before the show and been all Diva-ish but he didnt :) and
  5. aw mannnnnnnn now i REALLY wanna hear it live lol ill have to look for video of it i guess
  6. you know i refuse to listen to Lost+ ive never heard it... i just dont think they shouldve done it at all if all they were gonna do is add in a verse for Jay to rap... so im boycotting it in my own little way ^_^ havent heard the EP yet. im at school anyway, so if i do decide to give in and listen itll have to wait till about 930 tonight :(
  7. im having trouble deciding if i want to listen or not =\ help! edit// obviously i WANT to listen lol but idk if i want to wait til its out. i had said i wouldnt give into temptation like i did with VLV... but then again i say a lot of crazy things.
  8. DAMMIT DAMMIT!!! is it on right now?! the ONLY day i dont have my laptop with me!!! icant plug headphones into these stupid computer lab computers at school... =[[[[[[[[ pleeeeeeeease record it!
  9. hiyaaa back for a few minutes. my Lappy is dead but im on my brothers before he comes back and catchs me... any news?
  10. ok yall im heading out... ill be back on in about an hour or so =] HEY CHRISTA.... peace out, brussel sprout ;)
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