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  1. I was astounded when I first heard this. I agree - it’s the ultimate gift for the fans! you hear so many songs here but it is a beautiful journey…I would say it invokes so many eras too but mostly the vibe is MX meets EL meets a bit of GS too! really a sensation of a closer song. it’ll be a great album but what is interesting is that so far only the BTS combo which will surely be hyped and it will perform well in the charts, feels like an unneccesary song really. But so many positives to take from this…amazing!
  2. Seriously good this.... Thinking vol.2. and vol.3. might be EPs lengthwise...similar to Kaleidoscope probably and prior to that, Prospekt's March. Probably they liked more songs that they could put on one album. Can't wait for proper interviews on MOTS now. Also, there surely are collaborators (that high pitched voice is surely Jacob Collier messing around!)
  3. Doesn't mean H.E.R.'s jamming with CM will end up on the album though. I think there's been A LOT of potential collaborators, at some point during MX stage and before even The Pierces were meant to be on some stuff, so thinking it all depends on what the song wants/needs!
  4. Chris has worked with H.E.R. this year. As far as collaborations go, she would be an excellent addition to any Coldplay song/album!
  5. Think they're gonna come up with a new single, promote it even more than Higher Power. It should/could be a bigger hit too since BTS are right now a really popular band worldwide. Anything other than that I think will come out when the album is out or close to that.
  6. No one knows the future so I wouldn't be too preoccupied with what Chris said. But I'm betting he feels extremely lucky to be alive at this moment in time. Coldplay could have disbanded, their paths could have drifted...but they didn't and here they are - for us, with us. With so many interviews over the years, I think it's Chris' drive that relentlessly pursues new avenues of sound. The band have been extremely tight and also with Phil as a kind of member of close family I think they've just been allowed to do what they want, and this has also helped create new things. Add more concise work w
  7. I don't think the album is finished yet so maybe we have a similar situation to Mylo Xyloto here where they debuted ETIAW and other songs before releasing an album in the fall. The general feel of the album should be close to what they had with Higher Power, since Max Martin is now the main man for them.
  8. This is such a good song. A mix of everything really....so happy they're back!!!
  9. Tomorrow it will leak probably, if it doesn't until Thursday, they are magicians.
  10. The song has got to be out somewhere and in my opinion, it's only a matter of a day or two at most... also the lyrics are imho real. Maybe a bit cheesy but still NEW Coldplay.
  11. Alien Radio Music of the Spheres Higher Power UFO Macadamu Bless (the song from Clubhouse)
  12. Surely before Friday. Since one snippet is out, an x number of people surely have the full mp3. I'd say Mon-Wed.
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