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  1. I've done a lot of listening today and I have to say that I would have replaced the beginning of MOTS with the last minute and a half of Infinity Sign. In a way I think it would have worked as an ending after Coloratura, the same as The Escapist was after DAAOHF on Viva. Some tracks are f---- amazing here still if I can add to what has already been said. I think Higher Power's actually a really good one. The same with Biutyful - this would have been a hit if it had not been sung by Angelina in the first half!
  2. Viva set amazing expectations down the road that were, imho, only partially fulfilled. On Everyday Life you feel this is Coldplay again and there is plenty of experimentation there, arguably more than on this one, and it wasn't nominated for Album of the year by chance. It's a darn good album. I remember listening to Arabesque the first time and it absolutely didn't feel like this could be a Coldplay song! This album will sound great live though, it feels like it was built for the road. But there are far too many forgettable songs on it.
  3. I'll just copy this structure, seems quite good so everyone can compare: Brilliant Coloratura Human Heart Great People of the Pride Let Somebody Go Humankind Good Higher Power Biutyful (but for me is between Great and Good) My Universe Infinity Sign Eh MOTS Alien Choir What? MOTS II
  4. It's a very interesting album...I thoroughly enjoy it and will enjoy it for days and weeks and months. Regardless of anyone seeing as good or bad, this is Coldplay now. I have to say I prefer the production of Everyday Life for example, but that doesn't mean the band have turned for the worse. Some moments here shine for me as bright as ever. But surely the tour will be f--- awesome, the songs here are meant to be played live.
  5. Really amazing for Coldplay not have anything leak out and tomorrow I'm sure is the day then. But to have the album out just two days before the official release I'm sure won't cause much harm. Really amazing work by their team...
  6. Tomorrow it will leak surely - it's two days till release and the CDs will start arriving to stores. But all due credit to Coldplayers and every single who received their CD ahead of the release. They could have leaked it easily and damage the sales a little but chose NOT to do so. All credit to them. I'm also so proud of the boys. I was here for the LP4 leak ("the album is leaking in Justin" - only hardcore fans will know what I'm talking about!). They've done a great job with this one. Whatever you want to say about Max Martin's production, some songs on the album are spectacular and we
  7. Also, what is Chris doing, he is like possessed in this clip!!! Never better!!!
  8. This is crazy - one portion of song is directly from demo "Man who swears" from 2006. 2006!!!
  9. Coloratura I don't think is going to be performed live much, it's quite complicated with the transitions and it's a looong closer. But what I love about the song is that it is so well produced, has really no signs of Max Martin!
  10. Regardless of when we get the singles, I think, looking to the future, we're gonna get the "Vol.2" early next year. There is literally no way they would do a winter tour due to Covid unfortunately increasing and getting worse surely until next summer again. So a summer 2022 stadium tour would be the best bet for them to actually perform in front of a live audience. Until then they have quite a lot of time and that's probably why they've been recording further on. It's a tantalizing prospect however, are we set for another album or an EP style vol.2? In any case, stylistically it's gonna
  11. I was astounded when I first heard this. I agree - it’s the ultimate gift for the fans! you hear so many songs here but it is a beautiful journey…I would say it invokes so many eras too but mostly the vibe is MX meets EL meets a bit of GS too! really a sensation of a closer song. it’ll be a great album but what is interesting is that so far only the BTS combo which will surely be hyped and it will perform well in the charts, feels like an unneccesary song really. But so many positives to take from this…amazing!
  12. Seriously good this.... Thinking vol.2. and vol.3. might be EPs lengthwise...similar to Kaleidoscope probably and prior to that, Prospekt's March. Probably they liked more songs that they could put on one album. Can't wait for proper interviews on MOTS now. Also, there surely are collaborators (that high pitched voice is surely Jacob Collier messing around!)
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