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  1. We could be in for a new song but maybe we will also see new designs of the era!
  2. Don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but the lyrics seem bland and not really anything that special. The melody seems nice but maybe it will be an awesome song in the end. Still don't know how these lyrics will pass "Will's door" 😄
  3. In his interview with the podcast Lockdown Dads, Will mentions they were never meant to tour at this point even if there were no lockdown (at least that's what I understood). But he was very careful not to say anything about future plans apart from that they exist... thinking we might be getting some new music this year but think the tour will still happen in 2022. This year's Fall might still be very risky and we won't be rid of Covid yet.
  4. Makes perfect sense in terms of trying to be more and more environment-conscious especially on tour while also supporting a worthwhile cause.
  5. Macadamu Rescue Street UFO Music of the Spheres The Race might be on it but that would be a world first after it had already been released last year. Somehow I don't think it'll make it in this iteration anyway. But I'm sure the band will surprise us -> as always!
  6. On Chris' live instagram stream Guy commented that he play Macadamu - supposedly a new song, too? At this stage nothing is confirmed to be on the album of course but I am guessing that any of the old titles might appear as they like them. I wonder who is producing them this time though, if it's the same team or any new/old friends.
  7. But MOTS as a title obviously remains, so the ideas for some of the songs probably have stayed untouched. Would have been interesting however to find out how much the course of the album has changed in the past year since the pandemic. I am 100% convinced this will also be included in the theme.
  8. Also, this covid 19 era might have changed Chris' perception of life in general and it may be that they have changed the direction entirely (let's not forget Mylo Xyloto was first meant to be The Wedding Album). The life we now know has changed immeasurably and this will surely reflect in the band's songwriting.
  9. I think the band will probably release something in 2021 certainly, however they have always toured straight after releasing it (even with no "real" tours for GS and EL) and I just don't see how even with massive vaccination all around the world, there will be concerts in 2021. Of course maybe I'm totally wrong (I wish I was!!) but I think realistically, we can see them live only on tv or some pre-filmed thing. Surely they would have loved to have really done something special but anything will be brought back a little. A lot of bands will prefer outside venues which might not be as prohibited
  10. It's funny though just how much music came from the period when they worked with Brian Eno. Even 10-year old demos or ideas have made it onto new records... I know the band have their own take on this but surely at some point to work again with Brian might work wonders for new sound.
  11. Perhaps MOTS might be a "spiritual" successor to Mylo Xyloto, but I don't believe it will be promoted as a sequel. The band have always claimed every album as a separate entity...each with their own motifs and genre if you can call it that. Let's wait and see though. Hopefully we're in for a good surprise. As long as the music is good, everything else comes second!
  12. I think we can all agree that the album is not finished (since Guy posted a guitar from a session a week ago) and that it would be unwise to release it now. There is going to be probably no concerts in 2021 yet so I think they have enough time but if it weren't for the pandemic, there might have been something by now..
  13. I don't think they either need to, nor want to, do a release before New Year's. There have been no signs of any videos, nor have they been seen anywhere together (Chris has been seen in Malibu a few days ago). I don't think they have to release anything now. Music of the spheres or anything related to that album will appear next year; there is a remote chance of a tour in late 2021 so I would say Q2 of 21 might be the year they put something out. The idea of re-releases just doesn't make sense. They'd release Parachutes' special edition if it were so. But they haven't so I don't see why the
  14. Well then taking to the Hansa Studios means that album is probably not finished so we cannot expect something happening straight off. I would say we are still a couple of months away from an announcement, whereas for touring I'm afraid we would be lucky to see them live before the end of 2021. Covid situation is incredibly unstable and probably won't go away until late 2021 anyway, where most of the bands who have had slots for this year will try for. So early 2022 I think is a fair assumption for a live tour.
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