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  1. First person in the UK to PM me can have a red Xyloband. Please don't ask if you already have one.
  2. I went up to the sound desk at the end of the gig and asked if they had one. I was actually surprised that no one else had asked. If you don't ask...
  3. What an amazing night! I was right in the middle of the crowd and really near the B Stage. The whole night was just fantastic. Highlights would be the appearance of Warning Sign, the gentle atmospheric introduction to Yellow, starting a Viva chant and belting my heart out with the rest of the crowd. So instead of revising for my first exam this Saturday, I've just spend three quarters of an hour going through photos, sorting out the bag of confetti I brought back, oh and this.... Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Sorry, just a small correction. I have one seated upper tier ticket, and would like to swap it for one standing.
  5. Thanks for the list in the first post. Just a small correction, I only have one ticket.
  6. I've had a look on ebay for these tickets. How on earth can touts manage to get hold of so many tickets? The first auction I came across (£169 each for standing) had ten tickets for sale! I just don't understand how one person can manage to get so many tickets, while us the fans are struggling to even get one. *grumble*
  7. Would anyone like to swap an Upper Tier seated ticket for a standing one?
  8. I'm looking to swap an Upper Tier ticket for a Standing Ticket for the O2 London show (9 Dec).
  9. It's a joke that there are so few dates for such a popular band. It's almost a certainty that the US tour will have twice as many dates as the whole of the european tour. *grumble*
  10. I managed to get a Upper Tier ticket!! So pleased. Although it was so stressful. Someone rang the doorbell just as it was about to go on sale, and the dog was barking at the top of his voice for the whole time.
  11. So who's going to try getting tickets then? 30mins to go! I'm trying for a standing ticket. Although i'm not sure if to buy two tickets, as I don't have anyone to go with yet :(
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