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  1. :cool::D:D:Dwow this whole site has changed since I was on here last and OMG:P lots of hot pics on here too of the band!!!!WELL DONE EVERYONE :D
  2. i have a pink band yayyy and a green one too , i am in new zealand
  3. :dozey::dozey::dozey:Been away from this site for awhile come back and its still the same repetitive pictures circulating!!!!:\:\
  4. :inquisitive::inquisitive:ok i find that a bit creepy lol:shocked2:
  5. its a sun shiny day but with a chill factor in the air still:) guess thats spring weather for ya!!!!!
  6. :o:o:o:owhoaaaaa who's doing steriods with arms like that Mr Martin!!!!
  7. :dozey:what a crap thread
  8. What are you on?? Chris never said anything anything of the sort of saying he was drunk, i played the video a couple of times and never heard it, heard Kayne say something about him being pissed!!!!!!!! Chris made an idiot of himself!!!!
  9. I have been to both GAGA's and COLDPLAY shows over various times and no way can anyone compare the two , I'm just dissappointed in the way Coldplay has gone with all the fancy crap, why did they not just stay simple and plain ie like the Foo Fighters who perform as a band without all the fancy stuff, with GAGA you would expect it and I love her performances very entertaining but I would expect bands to just be plain and simple without all the fuss, like it was in the days of Parachutes and AROBTTH:P
  10. My first COLDPLAY concert was back in 2003 and they have evolved alot since then, but when I look back the concert was really good because it was just the band on stage singing and playing and none of this nonsance of jumping around and laying on the floor doing flips or whatever or even all the silly balls and butterflies, I think they need to go back to simple and not so fancy , leave that up to the GAGA's of the world to do:P:P:P:P oh and rubbish to your version of unprofessional too because musicians do have to have a certain profession about them:P:P:P otherswise they would'nt be who they are today!!!!!!!
  11. ok I love coldplay but I really think that they are overdoing the whole "circus act". I dont want to attend any concert where the singer spends the time on the floor laying down, not a good look at all and to me it unprofessional, but hey just saying!!!!!!!
  12. sure not in that shirt:laugh3::laugh3: I like your avator piccy thing, is that from SHIVER!
  13. Is this James Morrison the singer??? does not look like chris martin!!!!!:o
  14. <<<<<:laugh3::laugh3::laugh3: omg whats up with the long hair, very hippish lol :laugh3:
  15. whoa who ate all the pies Chris lol:laugh3::laugh3::laugh3:
  16. ummmmmmm dont you think that its a little creepy if your brother looks like or looks similar to your husband :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3:
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