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  1. Just came here because I need some music recommendations. I've seen some of your threads. You have a great taste. I'd love to see your list of the best albums ever (if such list is possible to make at all).
  2. ricardo


    This time is for real. Have a happy life everyone.
  3. Hello kasaa, I was your mixtape maker. I'm glad you liked it, I was afraid you found it a bit messy. 01 I was thinking by Gauntlet Hair 02 Mouthful of Diamonds by Phantogram 03 Pull up the people by M.I.A. 04 Burning by The whitest boy alive 05 Sacrifical Bonfire by XTC 06 Nulla in Mundo Pax Sincera by Vivaldi performed by the Academy of Ancient Music Orchestra and Chorus of Cristopher Hogwood 07 The Rat by The Walkmen 08 National Express by The Divine Comedy 09 Cloudlights by Eskmo 10 Putting the dog to sleep by the antlers And here's the link if you want to check it out:
  4. Have a good one Emma! I'm sure you'll have an irish blast
  5. FFFUUUUUCK W.H.Y.-D.I.D.-I.-H.A.D.-T.O.-C.L.I.C.K.
  6. Oh Wisconsin... Uhm milwaukee? Anyway you're going to freeze there lolz
  7. Where are you going btw? You told me some time ago but I forgot :lol: :embarrassed:
  8. How I love Björk! She's definitely one of the most unique and innovating artists ever. Volta was meh, but the rest of her catalogue is sublime. She manages to keep going forward yet has a distinctive and extraordinary sound. She's one of those few artists that sounds so different still you can recognize it's her, and just can be her. Long Live the Queen of Music! (set apart classical) I'm so waiting for her new album, I might try to not listen to the newly released songs other than Crystalline.
  9. It ain't a suggestion, it is an order. K? IF you wanna come down the border just tell me. That's also an order. Got it?
  10. You must Visit San Francisco and New York. You could also go to Florida, Chicago and LA. And of course wait till we both are 21 and we can rock Vegas :cool:
  11. I had preferred this actually to something familiar to me. Sorry if I was a bit harsh, but it was also my fault for not being clear enough on what i wanted on my tape, but nevermind these things happen and these are the risks that you takr. Thanks anyway for the mixtape, i think what I liked the least were the vocals mainly, but i loved the first song and the last one. I will check those out for sure.
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