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  2. and i love how they try to put a hopeful transmission in the category of their bad tracks.. its a fucking instrumental track meant to introduce DLIBYH you morons, its not supposed to be anything else but that..
  3. regardless of my opinion of the album, that is one of the worst reviews i have ever read. First of all, they don't even talk about the album til the last few paragraphs!! and all of the bullshit before they do is nothing no one has already said fucking 100 times already. they also don't even mention charlie brown which is one of the best songs theyve ever done and then claim there's no standout like viva la vida... i could go on forever but i wont, i just cant even believed that was allowed to be published.
  4. unbelievable. somehow exceeded my high expectations.. dont know what else to say.
  5. hope somebody recorded charlie brown cauuuse i was def listening to hurts like heaven..
  6. Hi, just wanted to let you know I have merged your ETIAW cover thread with the general Fans cover thread here :)

  7. i need to hear a studio version of the MX/Hurts Like Heaven combo NOWWW. i've been trying not to listen to the live version too much so the real thing still sounds new but ive started to lose control. i'm pretty sure its immediately gonna be one of my all time favorites..
  8. ohh i see.. thank you! you're actually one of the few i recognize from when i used to post a lot back in the pre-viva era.. you're always so friendly and helpful!
  9. wait im confused, how did PoC even get out there? was it streamed on itunes or was it not??
  10. International Affairs, concentration in global public health.. and reading this thread is a lot more appealing than the French hw i should be doing right now!
  11. i'm soo disappointed in japan right now. someone here should probly just take the hit and buy a plane ticket over there then steal it from the backroom of some music store and share it with the rest of us. it would probly be quicker than waiting for it to actually leak...
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